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Artist:Lee Dorsey
Label:  Fury
Date:Jul 1961
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ALee DorseyYa YaDorsey, RobinsonSehorn, RobinsonH. Battiste8.0  Rate
BLee DorseyGive Me YouN. NivilleSehorn, RobinsonH. BattisteRate


BB July 31, 1961

Monarch Δ39769 / Δ39769-X


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15th May 2014

15th May 2014

28th Feb 2014
 I have a reissue showing the A-side credited to Robinson and Lewis. Also, is the Fury label a subsidiary of or related to Roulette Records?

18th Jul 2013
 The A.F.O. musicians, led by Harold Battiste, provided backing; thus "Ya Ya" was included on the CD version of the A.F.O. compilation More Gumbo Stew.

22nd Jan 2013
 Thanks to all for making this site a great resource. "Ya Ya" has a second entry in the BMI database, credited to Dorsey, Robinson, and Lewis. However, the one with Levy and Lewis is marked "BMI Award Winning Song," so apparently that's where the money goes.

22nd Jan 2013
 Added A side label without adapter. B side composer credit "N. Niville" is misspelled well-known pseudonym of Allen Toussaint. Arranger is Harold Battiste.

bill mann
28th Aug 2012
 Mickey, your knowledge & research ability is truly astounding, well done and keep it up !

mickey rat
28th Aug 2012
 I'm always interested in who ends up with the publishing royalties and it's often the "bad guy" businessmen rather than the folks at the coalface. Case in point: "Ya Ya" was obviously written by Lee Dorsey but the original copyright registration in October 1961 listed writers as Dorsey and Morgan C. Robinson (producer/label owner Bobby Robinson). Fair enough. That's the way it was done. However the current BMI database has writers as Morris Levy and Clarence L. Lewis. "Fats" Lewis in fact ended up owning most of the publishing from Fire & Fury. He was apparently Robinson's silent partner for some years, bankrolling the business when required. Roulette boss Morris Levy (used as the model for a character in The Sopranos) got in on the act when Fire/Fury ran out of hits in the early '60s and bought into the copyrights. Bobby Robinson (without Lewis) came back successfully with Enjoy Records and Fats Lewis went off to start his Falew label. A lot of people have recorded "Ya Ya" and other Fire/Fury songs over the years and the proceeds are all going to the estates of two people who were never involved in the original creation process. And Clarence "Fats" Lewis is NOT the same person as one-time Bobby Robinson artist Clarence "Junior" Lewis (later known as C.L. Blast) - confirmed by Marshall Sehorn to John Broven.

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