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Artist:Sonny Charles And The Checkmates Ltd.
Label:  A&M
Date:Apr 1969
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ASonny Charles And The Checkmates Ltd.Black PearlP. Spector, T. Wine, I. LevinePhil SpectorPerry Botkin Jr.10.0  Rate
BSonny Charles And The Checkmates Ltd.Lazy SusanHarvey TreesEven Stevens ProductionsRate


BB April 19, 1969

First pressings assign artist credit solely to Sonny Charles


23rd Feb 2014
 If based on Columbia pressings, those with the Pitman fonts that mention Mr. Charles alone have A&M 1700-1 markings in the deadwax whilst those that add The Checkmates, Ltd. (and use Santa Maria label fonts) had higher numbers (I think A&M 1700-5), hence if nothing else that would indicate that {Images #363624 & 363625} (and the Monarch {Images #441112 & 441113}) were original first-pressings.

23rd Feb 2014
 Should copies that mention just Sonny Charles as the artist be listed first? My promotional copy lists only Sonny Charles.

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