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Artist:Stu Nunnery
Label:  Evolution
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AStu NunnerySally From SyracuseStu NunneryAl Gorgoni8.0  Rate
BStu NunneryMadelaineStu NunneryAl Gorgoni7.0  Rate


Also issued under cat# 1088.


18th Jun 2014
 Klepsie: You can't go by that. Monarch puts the lower number (or the number without the X) on the side with the lower matrix number. That may or may not be the A side. Think of Chess among other labels.

18th Jun 2014
... which also suggests that "Madelaine" was originally meant as the top side.
Perhaps, but irrespective how Monarch Records numbered the sides, "Sally From Syracuse" is clearly marked on the labels as Side A.

17th Jun 2014
 Added another slight variant -- type same as 45stalker's copy, but the text at bottom has been closed up to avoid the problem, seen in that copy, of it overlapping onto the "SD" logo.

This is another Monarch press, deltas Δ92562-X ("Sally")/Δ92562 ("Madelaine"), which also suggests that "Madelaine" was originally meant as the top side.

29th Nov 2013

25th Nov 2013

24th Nov 2013
 Added label variants that show the "A" & "B" sides should be reversed in this listing.

5th Sep 2013
 (Shame it didn't get up the Billboard Hot 100 Pop chart.)

Agreed -- Nunnery is one of my favourite obscure artists who 99.99% of people (even those well versed in music) have never heard of.

5th Sep 2013
 I remember WJIM, 1240 AM in Lansing, Michigan played "Sally from Syracuse" often during the summer of 1973 (I was then only 11 years old) - but they bleeped out "ass;" other stations in that area, most especially WVIC, 730 AM played "Sally from Syracuse" uncensored. I could never figure out why WJIM bleeped that until I heard the song on said competitor.

Maybe it was because of that controversy Evolution soon decided to pitch "Sally" as the A side? (Shame it didn't get up the Billboard Hot 100 Pop chart.)

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