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Record Details

Artist:Len Barry
Label:  Amy
Catalogue:11,026 / AMY 11,026
Date:Jun 1968
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Community:3 Own
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ALen Barry456 (Now I'm Alone)J. Madara, L. Barry, J. RenzettiJohn MadaraJoe Renzetti10.0  Rate
BLen BarryFunky NightJ. Madara, L. BarryJohn MadaraJoe Renzetti10.0  Rate


BB June 22, 1968

a) 8708
b) 8709


4th Nov 2014
 What do those have to do with this record?

3rd Nov 2014
 Well there are always exceptions to broad based assertions. My exception would be "Funkytown" by Lipps, Inc. which is nothing less than a work of genius.

3rd Nov 2014
 As a long time fan of the Goodies, I must take issue with DA1's last assertion!

3rd Nov 2014
 In name only by all accounts...

3rd Nov 2014
 I thought "456 was a sequel to "1-2-3"

3rd Nov 2014
 Variant label scans added. (Pink? label)

With all due respect to sixtiesmusicfanatic whose insightful comments are a real plus to this site, both sides of this record were a major disappointment to this Len Barry fan. Side-A sounds like the Bee Gees "World" written sideways, and comes off as a maudlin cry fest. As far as Side-B goes, seems to me that any song with "funky" in the title is an exercise in time-killing futility.

2nd Nov 2014
 Two excellent but contrasting numbers here. The " A " side is a very poignant ballad , enhanced by Len Barry's sensitive vocal performance. The flip side , however , is a frantic , disco-style number , set to an appropriately pulsating arrangement . Both sides are very different from Barry's usual type of material , such as " 1,2,3 " and " Like A Baby ". The record stiffed , and I think it might have fared better if the energetic " Funky Night " had been the top side.

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