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Artist:The Wedding Present
Label:  RCA
Catalogue:11693 7
Date:7 Dec 1992
Chart Position:25
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Community:24 Own
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AThe Wedding PresentNo ChristmasGedgeBrian PaulsonRate
BThe Wedding PresentStep Into ChristmasElton John, Bernie TaupinThe Wedding Present, Pat GroganRate


Red vinyl. Picture sleeve. Insert.

B-side correctly titled Step Into Christmas on the sleeve but incorrectly titled Stepping Into Christmas on the label.

The last of a series of 12 7" singles issued one a month for the year of 1992. All of them had an original song by The Wedding Present on the A-side and a cover on the other. This one was, of course, the Christmas single.


21st May 2015
 Yes i bought them individually on the first monday of every month from May onwards

21st May 2015
 Yep!. I have one of those boxes. Given to me by the guys In the Record Shop. Don't remember them for sale could be wrong though. Mine has all Twelve singles In. There was 1 per Month Released and Deleted on the same Day. Shops where lucky to get more than 3 copies In for each one. H.

20th May 2015
 Strange why the cat. Numbers don't fall in order in this series e.g. On numbers 1,2 & 3 the cat. no's go downwards i.e. PB 45185, PB 45183,PB45181. Then on numbers 8 & 9 they are 10117 then 10116

14th Apr 2012
 Scan uploaded of the custom-made box sold to house 'The Hit Parade' (the series of monthly singles from 1992). Paid for by the band themselves (not RCA) and available via their mailing list and at gigs towards the end of that year, it was sold without any actual vinyl inside and is therefore presumably ineligible for submission in its own right. 2000 produced, so I've read.

27th May 2011

1st Jun 2009
 This single has the title: "Twelve" and came out on red vinyl.

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