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Record Details

Artist:The Righteous Brothers
Label:  Philles
Date:Nov 1965
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Community:42 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Righteous BrothersEbb TideCarl Sigman, Robert MaxwellPhil SpectorPerry Botkin Jr.9.0  Rate
BThe Righteous Brothers(I Love You) For Sentimental ReasonsDeek Watson, William BestPhil SpectorJack Nitzsche8.0  Rate


-- there are two picture sleeve font variatons.

BB Nov 27 - entered bubbling under chart
BB Dec 4 - entered Hot 100, reached no. 5


5th Mar 2015

5th Mar 2015

1st Feb 2015
 There are two versions of this sleeve. The first has the song titles in light blue and is cut flat across the top on both sides. The second has the song titles in black, has a tab on the top of the front side and is flat across the top of the back side.

14th Jan 2015
 Break-In Master,
I actually have a picture/scan of that clock-face, but I don't think 45cat will allow me to add it to this page... what do you think? It says "Thanks For Giving Me The Right Time!" "Warmest regards PHIL SPECTOR"

Break-In master
14th Jan 2015

Okay, thanks for letting me know! I'm guessing it's VERY likely, then, that he just slapped that label on any record he had lyin' around and had them made into clocks.

13th Jan 2015
"Thanks For Giving Me This [The Right?] Time" was the face of a clock Phil gave out at Philles Records. I know he used a Righteous Brothers recording... I guess this is the one.

Break-In master
13th Jan 2015
 Lol. I just spotted that one at the Goodwill a few hours ago!! However, I've already got Delta info on it.
One version just has a Delta 59142 only on the B side, (I Love You) For Sentimental Reasons.
Another has both Deltas listed above.
A third version that doesn't have 130 listed on the record at all has a track called, "Thanks For Giving Me This Time" on both sides. The same two Deltas are used, though.

13th Jan 2015
 Delta numbers in dead wax

A: Δ59142
B: Δ59142-X

I have many copies of this record. None of them have the deltas on both sides. Some have one or the other and some have none. They all look identical to 227221 and 227222.

6th Jan 2015
 Added white label promo scans.

3rd Jan 2012
 Looks like one of the Kemp brothers on the left

3rd Jan 2012
  3 Ronettes, 3 Righteous Bros.....that's it..John

3rd Jan 2012
 one of the few Philles 45s which came witha PS

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