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Artist:The Titans [Instr]
Label:  Soma
Date:Jan 1964
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AThe Titans [Instr]Reveille RockArr. R. ColbornRate
BThe Titans [Instr]The NoPlace SpecialD. Allen, R. ColbornRate


Group's name not included on the A side label.

BB Feb 1, 1964


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13th Jan 2015
 Hi Davie, might be a little late on this. But I know a couple the guys from the Titans. George McCullen was a bass ,keyboard player. he is now driving school bus. if you are interested in there stuff or questions, you can contact me on my web page. jiffyjeff.net

davie gordon
16th Mar 2011
 thanks, cbs - let's try it again


16th Mar 2011
 That last link doesn't appear to work Davie.

Here what Fuzz, Acid & Flowers has to say on The Titans.


1 Hideaway / On The Spot (Vampire 10762) 1962
2 Summer Place / Tchaikovsky Rides Again (Soma 1402) 1963
3 The Noplace Special / Reveille Rock (Soma 1411) Feb 1964
4 Surfer's Lullaby / Motivation (Bangar 00611/00612) 1964
5 Fun Seekers / Need You (PS) (Sound Of Music Ltd. 3-12186) 1966
6 To Covet The Turf / Mountain Of Love (Metrobeat 4452) 1967
7 Little Girl / Pretty Young Thing (Duff's 111) 1968
8 Ode To Billy Martin / Please Don't Be Angry (Duff's 112) 1969

NB: (1) as 'Dale Allen and the Rebel Rousers'.

From Duluth, Minnesota and initially known as of (Dale Allen &) The Rebel Rousers they became The Titans in 1963 and would see out the sixties with a few personnel changes.

Predominantly a rock'n'roll, instrumental and surf oriented band rather than post-Invasion garage, plenty of their efforts have been compiled of late to check out: The Noplace Special on Soma Records Story, Vol. 1 (LP); Summer Place on Soma Records Story, Vol. 2 (LP); Reveille Rock and Tchaikovsky Rides Again on Soma Records Story, Vol. 3 (LP); Reveille Rock on Wail On The Beach!; an unreleased 1965 track Skokiaan on Free Flight (Unreleased Dove Recording Studio Cuts 1964-'69) (Dble LP); To Covet The Turf on The Best Of Metrobeat! Vol. 1 (LP).

The Fun Seekers 45 is bouncy beat-pop with a sunny disposition backed by a weepy Paul Anka teen-ballad.


davie gordon
16th Mar 2011
 the most detailed info. i can find on Duluth's Titans


there are some great photos on this site

davie gordon
16th Mar 2011
 Bill, there's an excellent article by Marv Goldberg on the Specialty Titans here


bill mann
16th Mar 2011
 Thanks Davie, I got the Specialty disc + some stuff on a Relic LP.

davie gordon
16th Mar 2011
 thanks for the correction, BJ - at least I was only a few miles out :)

Bill, different group - the Titans on Specialty were a balck vocal group

I've just added the Duluth group's other records under
The Titans (instr)
but I'm having trouble transferring this single to the new artist credit
... bear with me.

I'll check my Minnesota stuff and see if I can find a lineup for the group.

bill mann
16th Mar 2011
 Not the same group who did 'Don't you just know it' on Specialty in US, issued here on London ? I'd be surprised if it was, with this un being instrumentals, and Duluth being a canny hike from L.A.

16th Mar 2011
 I poked around on the net to see if I came up with anything...no luck...(b/t/w...that's Duluth, Minnesota)......John

davie gordon
16th Mar 2011
 i don't know who was in the group but I can tell you that they were
from Duluth, Wisconsin.

I'll list their other singles after I've checked a few dates.


15th Mar 2011
 b side super instrumental a side was on a instrumental cd has anyone any more info thanks

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