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Record Details

Artist:The Hi-Spots [1950s]
Label:  Melodisc
Date:May 1958
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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AThe Hi-Spots [1950s]Lend Me Your CombTwomey, Wise, WeismanRate
BThe Hi-Spots [1950s]I Don't Hurt AnymoreRollins, RobertsonRate


Melody Maker ad, 17 May 1958, p. 15.


16th Sep 2013
 The Bernie Nee and Carol Hughes versions also got a British release, on Philips and Columbia respectively. All those competing versions must have killed each other off nicely.

15th Sep 2013
 "I Don't Hurt Anymore" is timely for the Eddie Fisher release of the song in the UK, in May 1958. Note that both songs are thru Aberbach Ltd. Publishing in the UK.


15th Sep 2013
 It appears to be a true "cover" record ("Lend Me Your Comb"), as the original version by Carl Perkins also appeared to be available in the UK about that time (on LONDON) in April, 1958. His original release of the song was in December, 1957 on SUN Records in the US, and was immediately covered by Bernie Nee (aka The Five Blobs) on COLUMBIA, and Carol Hughes on ROULETTE, both of those also showing a December, 1957 release here on this site.


15th Sep 2013
 The sheet music offers some clues. Some kind of tie-in with 6.5 Special perhaps?

A sound sample is also available. "R&B vocal" - hah!

mickey rat
4th Jun 2012
 Hard to pin down when they're covering other people's hit songs. Probably no connection but there was a group of the same name covering a couple of Four Seasons songs on the U.K. budget label Cannon a few years later.

David M. McKee
4th Jun 2012
 Also Melodisc 45/1473 Secretly/I Got

3rd Jun 2012
 Thought as much!

3rd Jun 2012
 Well it was released in April 1958 but that's the full extent of my Hi-Spots knowledge.

3rd Jun 2012
 Tell us more about this record somebody!

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