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Artist:The Breakers
Label:  Impact [California]
Catalogue:14 / 14-IM / 14-IMX
Date:Apr 1963
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Community:2 Own
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AThe BreakersSurf BirdAnthony J. HilderThe Stowaways, The Udy Sisters, Jim Waller And The DeltasBob KnightRate
BThe BreakersSurfin' TragedyRobert J. Hafner, Anthony J. HilderThe Stowaways, The Udy Sisters, Jim Waller And The DeltasBob KnightRate


BB April 6, 1963


24th Jan 2016
 I already separated out a few Breakers who could be pinpointed in time or space. Trouble is, The Breakers is so obvious a name for a surf-rock band...

23rd Jan 2016
 Some were pressed in yellow vinyl.


davie gordon
23rd Jan 2016
 Impact used the -IMX suffix for B-sides, -IM for A-sides.
"Surf Bird" is also listed on ARSA as "one to watch" on KXFM, San Bernadino.
No other chart entries, so far,

The side Billboard chose to spotlight was the side the reviewer preferred which was occasionally not the side the label was promoting as the A-side.

We've currently three singles listed for The Breakers ... I suspect there were two
different groups, I'll see if that can be verified.

23rd Jan 2016
 I believe "Surfin' Tragedy" was meant as the A side. Reviewed as such in Billboard (6 April 1963). For more about this remarkable song see World's Worst Records.

22nd Sep 2015

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