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Artist:John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
Label:  Apple
Date:22 Mar 1971
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Community:48 Own, 2 Want
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AJohn Lennon / Plastic Ono BandPower To The PeopleJohn LennonPhil Spector, John And Yoko10.0  Rate
BYoko Ono / Plastic Ono BandTouch MeYoko OnoJohn And Yoko4.5  Rate


-- Mfd by Apple on sliced side - LOS ANGELES star
-- Mfd by Apple on full side
-- early copies have no slash between (/) artist name and Plastic Ono Band, and no writer credit under "Touch Me"
-- 2nd pressing onwards correct these errors
-- mistake pressing by JACKSONVILLE has BOTH John and Yoko listed as artists on both sides! (RARE)
re-released on Capitol label 1978, same catalogue number

charted # 11


3rd Feb 2013
 Quote: "I took those numbers from the US Capitol singles releases. While it was tempting to interpolate the remaining album master numbers from two of its cuts, I have found from experience that the theory, while sound, is often at variance with actual practice."

I calculated that "White Album" list of numbers using the number for "Helter Skelter" alone, and the fact that the number of "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" fits in perfectly is proof that it must be correct.

Atlantic used a similar system enabling us to work out the numbers of non-single album tracks by using the information given on the singles. For example, the tracks on Led Zeppelin's "Four Symbols" album are as follows:

22398 Black Dog
22399 Rock And Roll
22400 Battle Of Evermore
22401 Stairway To Heaven
22402 Misty Mountain Hop
22403 Four Sticks
22404 Going To California
22405 When The Levee Breaks

Clearly visible proof exists on this site that five of those numbers are correct (see Led Zeppelin - USA singles discography). I calculated that one myself in 1977 using the US "Black Dog" single and I later confirmed it when I saw the US "Rock And Roll" single. So, how is the "theory often at variance with actual practice"? Numbering systems are surely among the most logical things in the world, especially things like album track listings such as the ones I have mentioned here. Now, to bring us back to John Lennon, here are the tracks from the "Imagine" album using the US "Imagine" single as a guide:

47579 Imagine
47580 Crippled Inside
47581 Jealous Guy
47582 It's So Hard
47583 I Don't Want To Be A Soldier Mama, I Don't Want To Die
47584 Gimme Some Truth
47585 Oh My Love
47586 How Do You Sleep
47587 How?
47588 Oh Yoko

Proof that the above list is correct can be found on the US single issue of "Imagine" - "Imagine" itself is indeed 47579 and "It's So Hard" is indeed 47582. This album came out only a few months after the "Power To The People" single. Therefore, logically speaking, "Power To The People" should be 47492, not 46492. A similar misprint must have occurred with that Paul McCartney one.

3rd Feb 2013
 From my understanding, there was either an online or a CD-ROM discography of Capitol sessions (with master numbers from all corners) put out by Michel Ruppli and/or Ed Novitsky. You might want to seek that out to get your answer.

3rd Feb 2013
... The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" is 46475. "Helter Skelter" on the same album is 46494....
I took those numbers from the US Capitol singles releases. While it was tempting to interpolate the remaining album master numbers from two of its cuts, I have found from experience that the theory, while sound, is often at variance with actual practice.

Still, your point is well taken. Looking back at the data file that I used to generate the HTML code, I find that I questioned the entry for 46492 as "Power To The People" (which I took from a label photo) as it seemed out of sequence. If we can find a pre-1992 Capitol 45 of "Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey", that might answer the question.

2nd Feb 2013
 If those were the numbers for the "White Album" tracks, then it sounds like Capitol was being a bit sloppy there in assigning master numbers in early '71 . . .

2nd Feb 2013
 Thanks for that list, annaloog, even though it is incomplete it does prove my point. The Beatles' "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" is 46475. "Helter Skelter" on the same album is 46494. That means the other "White Album" tracks would have numbers in between, as follows (this is the sequence):

46472 Back In The USSR
46473 Dear Prudence
46474 Glass Onion
46475 Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da
46476 Wild Honey Pie
46477 The Continuing Story Of Bungalow Bill
46478 While My Guitar Gently Weeps
46479 Happiness Is A Warm Gun
46480 Martha My Dear
46481 I'm So Tired
46482 Blackbird
46483 Piggies
46484 Rocky Raccoon
46485 Don't Pass Me By
46486 Why Don't We Do It In The Road
46487 I Will
46488 Julia
46489 Birthday
46490 Yer Blues
46491 Mother Nature's Son
46492 Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except Me And My Monkey
46493 Sexy Sadie
46494 Helter Skelter
46495 Long, Long, Long
46496 Revolution 1
46497 Honey Pie
46498 Savoy Truffle
46499 Cry Baby Cry
46500 Revolution 9
46501 Good Night

There we have it. See how the two listed tracks (46475 - "Ob-La-Di Ob-La-Da" and 46494 - "Helter Skelter") both slot in perfectly, thus proving beyond doubt that the sequence I list here is correct.

2nd Feb 2013
... but those Lennon and McCartney ones still should be in the 47000's, not the 46000's. Otherwise ....
So you might reasonably conclude. There are similar anomalies with other Capitol master numbers, such as why assign some numbers in the 20000s and others in the 50000s for recordings made at the same time — was one series for masters recorded at Capitol studios and the other for those recorded at independent studios? I don't know. Whether it's on the mark or not, W.B.lbl's suggestion at least makes sense.

At any rate, once the 40000s numbers had been exhausted, non-USA masters were assigned to the same series as all other Capitol master numbers. FWIW, I have a (woefully incomplete) listing of Capitol masters.

[Edit ...]Regretfully, that Capitol masters listing no longer exists.

2nd Feb 2013
 Unless there were a bunch of unused numbers from the "White Album" era that they decided to fill up and then get back to the 47000 series.

2nd Feb 2013

Yes, I can see what you mean about the 40000's being used for "foreign" recordings, but those Lennon and McCartney ones still should be in the 47000's, not the 46000's. Otherwise they conflict with the tracks on the Beatles "White Album". I think somebody made a typo and it was copied onto the record labels. Come to think of it, that's what also must have happened with that Bette Midler one I commented on recently (see K 10310). It's shocking but true, misprints actually do occur when it comes to record numbers.

1st Feb 2013
 US Capitol's 40000 master number series was reserved for 'foreign' (i.e., non-Capitol recording sessions). I would think that the numbers were registered when Capitol received the recordings from EMI affiliates overseas, regardless when they were recorded. Paul McCartney's "Another Day" and "Oh Woman Oh Why" (Apple 1829, 1971) were numbered 46478 and 46479, respectively.

1st Feb 2013
 How is the matrix number of this one 46492? That would suggest a 1968 recording. The Beatles "Helter Skelter" is 46494 in that same sequence, while the previous John Lennon singles were in the 47000's as is the B-side of this one. Surely it should be 47492. There is absolutely no logic in it being 46492.

12th May 2012
 @BEATLEJOHN - By the time of "Power To The People," Scranton was doing all their typesetting in-house, no longer relying on Keystone. But it's likely your pressing with the Scranton typesetting used at least one side with a metal part from Winchester. (Just as I have a pressing of O.C. Smith's "Little Green Apples" {Columbia 4-44616} from Terre Haute, IN where the metal part / stamper of one side had originated from Pitman, NJ.) But my own copy of this 45 with the Scranton labels is, indeed, a Scranton pressing. The outer edges of the records are also a key to determining where they were pressed.

But Winchester, at this point, also used a dash instead of a hyphen when referring to the catalogue numbers of LP's.

11th May 2012
 It seems that the Capitol pressing plants during this time frame (69-71) were swapping labels frequently, the label I've ID'd as Winchester is indeed that!, according to the deadwax, possibly using Scanton labels? (Keystone?)...John

11th May 2012
 Looks like your variant {Images #442223 & 442225} was the actual Winchester. Your deadwax have the crudely etched rifle that looks like a wineglass?

11th May 2012
 Labels added with / between names and Plastic Ono Band.

29th Apr 2012
 I was looking at my Scranton copy and wondering why the Winchester copy above #158640 looked identical so I didn't bother to scan. Couldn't tell without seeing the triangle or rifle thingy. Thanks WB

29th Apr 2012
 The typesetting on {Images #158640 & 287873} was actually from the Scranton, PA plant. {Image #158638} which was pressed in Jacksonville used label copy type from Los Angeles, except for the absence of the star which was featured on {Image #220328}. Scranton's quotation marks during this period were very distinctive - farther apart on the opening quotation mark than on the closing.

12th Mar 2011
 How come Dept......
How come we got the full color image on this sleeve and the UK got a Black & White one...(Monochromatic!....see I'm learning!)....John

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