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Artist:John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band
Label:  Apple
Date:11 Oct 1971
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Community:71 Own, 1 Wants
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AJohn Lennon / Plastic Ono BandImagineJohn LennonJohn And Yoko, Phil Spector10.0  Rate
BJohn Lennon / Plastic Ono BandIt's So HardJohn LennonJohn And Yoko, Phil Spector10.0  Rate


-- issued with white whole Apple both sides.
-- mfd by Apple on both sides.
-- issued with “Unauthorised duplication” notation added 1975 (Apple color has a blue-ish tint)
-- all Capitol pressing plants used the same label

coupling re-released on Capitol label in 1978, using same cat. no.

-- Note: This coupling was not issued in a picture sleeve, any item as such is a bootleg/fantasy piece.


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27th Nov 2015

27th Nov 2015

12th Jun 2014
 Added B side label showing Master X47582, as pointed out by annaloog (which is what JPGR&B's original upload had). I have several copies of this single, both Los Angeles and Jacksonville variants and all have the X47582 master number, so it appears this was caught and corrected back in the day.

20th Oct 2013
 Whoever is in charge of this web site, PLEASE fix the Facebook link! All it does is take me back to the top of the page I was already on!

16th Sep 2013
 typical "de-cored" APPLE label here

15th Sep 2013
 I think the error may have been corrected for the 1975 issue, Now I have go search for the earlier Los Angeles and Jacksonville pressings to see if the number was ever corrected (as far as I knew the labels were "custom printed" (meaning the typeface/label copy was printed together with the white apple, and all factories got the same label) unlike any other green apple pressing which the green apple is printed first and the label copy is overprinted at a later date...John

15th Sep 2013
 I notice that some "It's So Hard" labels have the Capitol master no. X47572 [like #159468] while others have X47582 [like #157888] — X47572 is an error. Are these 'factory variations' or was the error caught and corrected?

13th Aug 2012
 I'm treading in very dangerous waters here, but like John, I have faith in a superior being, but none in anyone that proclaims that they possess "The Truth".
That's what Mr Lennon meant by the lyric and was most brilliant in my opinion.

Edit: telegramsam, I (being a Guitar player with barely the knowledge of which hand is doing what) and a lot of drummers have brought up the subject of Ringo, are in agreement, that he's a fantastic musician. His sense of rhythm was and is impeccable. He knows where to "push" and to "lean".
As simple as his playing seemed to some, it was in fact, highly skilled and very hard to duplicate.

Ade Macrow
13th Aug 2012
 Hypocritical Atheist Dirge, in my opinion. But it's only my opinion and we all differ....

13th Aug 2012
 "...and NO RELIGION too..." is the best phrase of the lyrics.
I was afraid they drop that as well as "life's a piece of shit, if you look at it..." BUT ...Eric Idle sung it!

13th Aug 2012
 Oh and while I'm on a roll, I happen to really love Ringo's drumming.
*ducks to avoid thrown objects*

13th Aug 2012
 Oh well, that's one classic shot to bits. Guess it was all just hypocritical tosh then eh?
Maybe it would have had more resonance if Lennon had been a poor unknown singer? But then . . . Oh . . I see the problem there . . .
Ha ha - its all personal choice in the end. After all, I detest The Who's fatuous Tommy, reel at the tuneless dirge that is Clapton's Layla. And don't even get me started on Dexys Midnight Runners, Elkie Brooks and Bonnie Tyler . . . . ;-)

carey jeggs
13th Aug 2012
 The No Possessions bit grates not just because of Lennon's wealth but because most people like having 'stuff '. Also it isn't religion as such that causes trouble so much as any sort of dogmatism or craving for certainty.

12th Aug 2012
 Apparently the Olympics closing ceremony concert tonight will start with the strains of Bohemian Rhapsody followed by a moving rendition of John Lennon's Imagine, which is expected to involve the Liverpool Philharmonic Children's Choir.

12th Aug 2012
 "Was it a millionaire, who said Imagine No Posessions?
Was it a Public Schoolboy who said We Don't Need No Lessons?"

I hope this celebration of UK Music tips at least a wink to Mr Declan McManus and Messrs Difford and Tilbrook too!


12th Aug 2012
 I hear that Imagine will feature in the closing ceremony of the Olympics here in London tonight. That'll be magic to those of us who find the lyrics of this extraordinary song so utterly inspiring. And yet so many fail to listen to what he actually wrote - it's frequently twisted and misunderstood to be some sort of religious epiphany, when of course it's quite the opposite. It's a wonderful concept to so many of us to be able to live in a world with no heaven, no hell below us, living for today, no countries, nothing to kill or die for, and no religion too . . . utter magic.
Enjoy the ceremony everyone!

12th May 2012
 B side of the 1975 issue added.

13th Mar 2011
 No problem BJ.

13th Mar 2011
 JPGR&B.....don't be mad at me...but my labels weren't as beat-up (I put yours in hidden)...added 1975 label also!

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