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Artist:The Guess Who?
Label:  Quality
Date:Dec 1966
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Community:4 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Guess Who?His GirlJohnny CowellBob Burns, John EdwardsRate
BThe Guess Who?It's My PrideRandy BachmanBob Burns, John EdwardsRate


This Quality issue was the only time the label released a Pic Sleeve for the group. It was done by a Guess Who fan club member . She was hired to sketch an image of the group for the A side His Girl. Only 200 were made.


4th Mar 2014
 Boy is that picture sleeve ugly! I'll add here that Randy Bachman re-used the main guitar riff from "It's My Pride" on his song "Tramp" on "Bachman-Turner Overdrive II". On the Guess Who recording, that's Jim Kale playing a Stinger fuzz bass on that riff, according to Bachman.

See my other notes on the USA and UK listings of this single; the North American and UK versions of "His Girl" are somewhat different recordings

27th May 2012

30th Apr 2012
 Although His Girl made the Canadian RPM charts at #19, it's "It's my Pride" that collectors are excited about not His Girl. Beside the collectiblity of the Pic Sleeve, the Intense frenetic pace with a fuzz driven guitar gives the collector of this genre something to sing about. Unlike the snail-like, wimpy, sappy tone of His Girl. Yeccch!!
And i did acquire this Pic Sleeve in April 2012 which was just a couple of weeks ago from a private collector who had it for over 30 years. I paid dearly for it.

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