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Artist:Chuck Berry
Label:  Chess
Date:Feb 1964
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Community:35 Own, 2 Want
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AChuck BerryNadine (Is It You?)Chuck Berry10.0  Rate
BChuck BerryO RangutangChuck BerryRate


BB Feb 15, 1964


29th Oct 2015
 TM 0814 Nadine
TM 0813 O Rangutang

21st Jul 2015
 I'm the captain of the boat.

bill mann
21st Jul 2015
 Just got an early blue label copy, only to discover I already had one. [see my post from Sept 2014]
Sadly I've done this type of thing before, anyone else care to admit they're in the same boat ?

28th Feb 2015

28th Feb 2015

31st Dec 2013
 "Nadine" is a great song in stereo. It's in stereo on the Canadian Chess Golden Treasures label.

bill mann
2nd Dec 2013
 Chuck's first trip to the Big House was as a kid of 17 or 18 for armed robbery, him and his buddies got 10 years, Chuck was out after 3 years in 1947, dunno bout his pals.

1st Apr 2013
 Added the B side image that goes with Jukeboxbyjonsey's A side image.

bill mann
24th Sep 2012
 My copy is the early blue with vertical label text. I think this is one of Chuck's very best songs and it should have been a huge hit.

23rd Sep 2012
 Berry's first prison stretch wasn't for tax evasion, but for violation of the US Mann Act of 1910, which prohibited transporting a female across state lines for "immoral purposes" (usually having sex with underage females). Most likely the charges were trumped up, but Berry ended up serving 20 months. The income tax rap came in 1979.

9th Mar 2012
 [Transferred from jukeboxbyjonesy's original notes]:

""Nadine" was a pretty big hit at the time—Berry's first after serving time for tax evasion. In his comeback, he racked up 5 hits in 1964, but "Nadine" hasn't retained the luster of some of those other 1964 classics, such as "Promised Land" or "You Never Can Tell". "

31st Dec 2011
 Added alternate Chess labels.

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