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Artist:REO Speedwagon
Label:  Epic
Date:Mar 1981
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AREO SpeedwagonTake It On The RunG. RichrathKevin Cronin, Gary Richrath, Kevin Beamish8.0  Rate
BREO SpeedwagonSomeone TonightB. HallKevin Cronin, Gary Richrath, Kevin Beamish7.3  Rate


CB charted March 21, 1981


31st Mar 2013
 The follow-up single to "Keep On Loving You", "Take It On The Run" is the solid rock track REO Speedwagon needed when they needed it the most. The song was a commercial success, and finally established REO as one of the top commercial rock bands. The 45 version was edited from the "Hi Infidelity" album version, reducing the playing time from 4:01 to 3:35. Still, the 45 is the way to go here, sounding much more robust and powerful than the mix on the CD. The B side "Someone Tonight" is best descibed as forgettable album filler.

18th May 2012

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