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Label:  A&M
Date:Sep 1977
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ACarpentersCalling Occupants Of Interplanetary Craft (The Recognized Anthem Of World Contact Day)KlaatuRichard CarpenterRichard Carpenter6.7  Rate
BCarpentersCan't Smile Without YouChris Arnold, David Martin, Geoff MorrowRichard CarpenterRichard Carpenter8.0  Rate


CB charted September 24, 1977

Monarch Δ103141 / Δ103142


15th Sep 2014
 thanks for the interesting chart info, gents.

12th Sep 2014
 Billboard's Hot 100 only became 50/50 split on airplay and sales in June 1973, before that it was a sales chart augmented with airplay (hard to explain but airplay was only a factor the lower on the Hot 100 chart you got.)

My Friend Jack
12th Sep 2014
 Record World's chart was more radio based, with BB being more of an even split between sales and radio. At least, that's how Tommy James explained it in his book.

2nd Jul 2014
 Chip Taylor did a funny song about all this (can't find a video, alas).

2nd Jul 2014
 was the Record World (formerly Music Vendor) chart also more sales oriented than Billboard?

2nd Jul 2014
 Cash Box, of course, was a more sales-oriented chart than Billboard. This song peaked at #24 in CB, and only #32 in BB.

charlie 45
13th May 2014

5th May 2014
 Great picture sleeve

13th Jan 2014
 Australia. Is the only one to get the Full Album version on a Single. All the rest are the Edited Version of 3.59. Cutting off the Radio Dj Part and Starting at the Intro to the Song. Yet on Every Compilation or Greatest Hits Package on Cd It Is Always the Album Version. So When they play It on Radio You know that It Is From Cd as this Is the Version You will Hear. H.

Break-In master
13th Jan 2014
 As far as I know, I've STILL never heard this version! Only the Klaatu version.

9th Dec 2013
 This single cuts out 3 minutes from the LP version

5th Aug 2013
 I said WOW too! It immediately brings Boston artwork to mind.

20th Apr 2013
What an amazing sleeve!. The Carpenters were notorious,by Richard Carpenter's own admission,for twee,dare i say "crap" sleeves.This has shocked me for it's modernism. Compare it to the typical carpenters photo on the dutch issue and you'll see what i mean.

15th Dec 2012
 The single was apparently a very sales heavy record. All evidence indicates that, while there was airplay, it was driven mostly by sales during its Hot 100 chart run. On Billboards "Rack Singles Best Sellers" chart, the record was listed in the top 40, well into 1978, which would indicate the record sold well in non-traditional outlets.

16th Jul 2012
 my copy's the white label small centre hole version in an "A&M" company sleeve - no mention about it being a promo, but I'd agree that it looks like one - definitely a US pressing, but no mention of this either.

11th Jul 2012
 If you say so, Beatlejohn. Seemed unusual to me to a) have a small hole, b) the raised centre, and c) no mention on the label of being a promo.

11th Jul 2012
 Klepsie, Zabadak....Moved DJ promo here...It's a US DJ!....John

22nd May 2012
 A&M put heavy pressure behind this one; The Carpenters had not had a hit for a while. They even tried to buy radio ads that did nothing but play the song.

25th Feb 2012
 never knew it had one!...John

25th Feb 2012
 "Klaatu barada nikto"

25th Feb 2012
 Added picture sleeve

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