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Artist:The Osmonds
Label:  MGM
Catalogue:2006 321
Format:Export Issue
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Community:1 Owns
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AThe OsmondsLet Me InThe OsmondsAlan Osmond9.0  Rate
BThe OsmondsOne Way Ticket To AnywhereThe OsmondsAlan OsmondRate


15th Jun 2011
 Thanks for the French lesson so do I go on a Wallace Arnold Coach Rotation then ? :)

I did not want or need to look at a UK copy, paper or IEP thanks for the concern, I was just cought by the fact that the record preports to be a French Copy IE a copy for sale in France and for the French Market, and as I have stated this is not. Also the rear of the French DGG/Polydor pic sleeves were very striking at that time and promoted the family labels, sadly unlike here where DGG/Polydor did not have MGM, Verve, Buddah, Chelsea, Atlantic, Stax, Spring, Kudu, CTI, "marketed by Polydor" generic sleeves printed, sad really, just plain white thumb tag top die cut sleeves not too unlike what these "made in France" pressings were shipped in!

15th Jun 2011
 I would tend to agree (in principle) with G.dj in that this looks like a French pressing for the UK market rather than a French release.

15th Jun 2011
 if you looked through the data base first you would find the english pressing here

By the way TOURS = turn or rotate, in this context - Tours 45 = rotates at 45 rpm.

15th Jun 2011
 If this was indeed a French 45 actually for the French market the record whould have a number of unique distinguishing features
1. The speed would say T 45 (Tours meaning speed)
2. There would be the French copyrighr organisation SACEM logo

mistakingly this is a standard contract pressing for Polydor UK done by Phonogram France and for the UK market the number series were different for each Euro territory.

Phonogram was the Pressing and distribution for BOTH Philips and DGG as Polydor untill they united and linked as Polygram their pan Euro beauty was that all plants could quickly press for other territories and provide quick turn around they just stated where made/sourced. Clearly Phonogram (London) Ltd were at capacity in Walthamstow pressing around the clock and needed extra runs of LMI.. LMI had both intial UK paper label runs mostly un-die cut (solid centres) and blue paint IEP's both die and in-die cut,

The example here is a typical and standard for UK French dinked 3-pin centre pressing.

Difficult to be 100% correct with the terminology but this is not French in the sence of the meaning implied here sorry.


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