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Artist:The Seekers
Label:  Capitol
Date:9 Oct 1967
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AThe SeekersWhen The Good Apples FallKenny YoungTom SpringfieldRate
BThe SeekersMyra (Shake Up The Party)Durham, Guy, Potger, WoodleyTom SpringfieldRate


BB Oct 7, 1967


21st Nov 2013
 The song is called "When Will The Good Apples Fall". It definitely has the word "will" in the lyrics. The UK issue (on Columbia DB 8273) included the word "will" in the title.

The early version of "Myra" was on the Oriole label in the UK (CB 1935), the only Seekers single on that label (it was not a hit in the UK).

8th Mar 2013
 The record title elsewhere was a question including the word WILL; chartings from sept. 1967 to feb. 1968 achieved peaks of #6 in Rhodesia, #11 in UK, #12 in South Africa and #112 in the USA on the Record World chart

4th May 2012
 Myra is a re-recording of a song they released on the Atmos record label in 1965.

24th Feb 2012
 The Los Angeles typesetting was by Bert-Co Press, while the Scranton typesetting came from Keystone Printed Specialties.

14th Dec 2011
 Thanks, BJ. Certainly, in a moderately quick search I couldn't find a copy either that displayed a corrected title, so your surmise makes sense.

14th Dec 2011
 My scans are from Capitol's LA plant, Tom's scans are from Capitol's Scranton PA. plant..... this tune wasn't a hit here, so I figure it never went to a corrected second pressing....John

14th Dec 2011
 Surely this is a major Typo ... and should be 'When WILL The Good Apples Fall', as the UK release? (It doesn't scan otherwise, anyway).

14th Dec 2011
 Label variation added.

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