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Artist:Das Dolomiten-Trio
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:20 212 EPH
Date:Jun 1956
Title:Im Tirolerland - Souvenir From Tyrol
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Community:4 Own
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A1Das Dolomiten-TrioIm Tirolerland liegt das ZillertalBearb.: J. KurzRate
A2Jodler Duet: Rossling-Kerchbaumer - Die FeiersingerDie Jodlerin von TirolFeiersingerRate
B1Das Dolomiten-TrioSteig'n mer auf's Gamsgebirg'KurzRate
B2Jodler Duet: Rossling-Kerchbaumer - Die FeiersingerJodel-LändlerKnoflachRate


Undated; probably early '60s.


Number: 237199  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: The Toad
Description: Cover, front

Number: 237200 
Uploaded By: The Toad
Description: Cover, rear

Number: 237201 
Uploaded By: The Toad
Description: A Side label

Number: 237202 
Uploaded By: The Toad
Description: B Side label

Number: 323798 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Front pic. with small diff.

Number: 323799 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Back cover with diff.

Number: 323800 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Label side A with diff.

Number: 323801 
Uploaded By: lorangrecords
Description: Label side B with small diff.

Number: 742520 
Uploaded By: sporidium
Description: Back Cover (minor differences)

2nd Jan 2012
 I will add more pictures to this one.
On the back cover of my release is stated 6. 56, and that will be the date for the release.
On the first added one here, is stated 10. 58 (56), and will be the date of this release.
I've talked to some German collectors, and they say, that the date that is printed close to "Printed in Germany", with nearly 100% is the date of the release.
Comments to this is welcome.

The Toad
10th Aug 2011
 More yodelling than you could throw a stick at, if you were that way inclined. I'm not sure which group sings what: the two tracks on the 'B' side sound like they're by the same group, the two on the 'A' by different groups... Anyone who's interested can look at the labels and make their own minds up.

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