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Artist:The Applejacks [UK]
Label:  CBS
Date:10 Mar 1967
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Community:6 Own, 5 Want
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AThe Applejacks [UK]You've Been Cheatin'Curtis, MayfieldMike Smith10.0  Rate
BThe Applejacks [UK]Love Was In My EyesGouldmanMike SmithRate


Number: 1358133  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: gold_mandela
Description: CBS 45 label from UK, promo copy with solid centre (A-side)

Number: 1358134 
Uploaded By: gold_mandela
Description: CBS 45 label from UK, promo copy with solid centre (B-side)

Number: 360408 
Uploaded By: upbeatrecords
Description: a side

Number: 90887 
Uploaded By: hedgehopperray
Edited By: hedgehopperray
Description: A side Label

Number: 90888 
Uploaded By: hedgehopperray
Edited By: hedgehopperray
Description: B Side Label

7th Aug 2014
 The lead singer of The Applejacks on this CBS 45 was Jon Washington a.k.a. George E. Washington - who had previously recorded for Fontana.

27th Jan 2012
 About the singer: Al Jackson by that time had been replaced by one John Washington.
Al Jackson, by the way, seems currently to be running a fly fishing school somewhere in Pembrokeshire. Isn't that interesting?

6th Oct 2011
 My humble apologies for not A/B'ing first before piping in. Now that I listen again maybe I was too hasty. I think they sound about the same and hedgehopperray's B-side (the side I was more interested in) doesn't have the noticeable pop that De-Click software could not fix. I had to manually take it out...too big. That poster was nice enough to send me the separate audio files.

I won't trust my memory next time. The A-Side is probably even a bit less distorted/cleaner sounding on yours! Thanks again. Should have made sure before posting!!!!

4th Oct 2011
 Someone added them to YouTube as one video and the rips sound better (though he crossfaded them slightly):


21st Aug 2011
 Apologies for the clips & comments about them now being in the wrong order, one wrongly checked box & instead of deleting one of my youtube videos the lot went, reinstating the most viewed ones but they do appear anew as most recent comments which makes things read a bit peculiar.

21st Aug 2011
 Plays 'Love was In My eyes' despite what it says on the label

21st Aug 2011
 The Applejacks final single, I think its really rather good

21st Aug 2011
 I've been wondering for all these years and I finally get to hear them! Thanks!!

14th Jul 2011
 A BIG thanks for allowing us to get to finally hear this elusive single. It's excellent - a pleasant surprise which I enjoyed. Definitely gets one wondering who the singer is since it sure doesn't sound like Al Jackson from the Decca sides.

16th Jun 2011
 I had a white label with a large orange "A" promo of this that listed "Love Was In My Eyes" as the B-side. Sadly no longer own it had I nor bothered to scan it before parting ways with it.

28th Jun 2010
 The songwriter of You've Been Cheatin' was Curtis Mayfield rather than two different people called Curtis & Mayfield as is suggested by the details printed on the label. The Impressions released the song in the UK in January 1966 on HMV POP 1498.

28th Jun 2010
 Although Love Was In My Eyes certainly plays ,As you can see from the B Side Scan the track is listed as Thats How its Gonna stay which became a Mockingbirds A side. Not sure if this mistake occured on all copies.

25th Sep 2009
 This record was recorded with a different lead singer than the band's Decca sides.

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