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Artist:The Left Banke
Label:  Smash
Date:Jun 1966
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Community:53 Own, 2 Want
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AThe Left BankeWalk Away ReneeM. Brown, B. Calilli, T. SansoneWorld United ProductionsJohn Abbott9.3  Rate
BThe Left BankeI Haven't Got The NerveG. Cameron, S. MartinWorld United ProductionsJohn Abbott7.8  Rate


BB June 18, 1966

a) YW1 38559 (2.39) Twin Tone, BMI
b) YW1 38560 (2.08) Twin Tone, BMI


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17th May 2015
 Added Smash Mercury label variant images which have a large circled "S", which typically means it's a re-issue. I'm wondering if images #217139 & #217140 had the large circled "S", but it was cut out of the label with a circular punch.

23rd Mar 2015
 Michael Brown died last Thursday (19th March) of heart failure. He was 65 years old. RIP. He was born Michael David Lookofsky on April 25, 1949, in New York.

16th Dec 2013
 Looks like the Columbia {Images #1091132 & 1091133} was pressed in Terre Haute, IN, with Pitman, NJ typesetting; one key is the futzing of the number 8, which had the top right diagonal cross section opaqued out. It also appears to be for the record club members, as regular Mercury/Smash/Fontana et al. releases pressed by Columbia with these fonts would have had two stars on each end of the A side title.

16th Dec 2013
 Agree!......and moved...John

16th Dec 2013
 Yes they are Columbia labels. Shouldn't the Smash labels all come before the Smash Mercury labels, also?

16th Dec 2013
 Columbia Labels!

2nd Jul 2012
 There's another Canadian scan here...John

17th Apr 2012

22nd Jun 2011
 The black circle to the right of the artist's name is not a hole right through the record, just a circle cut out of the label.

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