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Record Details

Artist:The Mixtures
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:2058 083
Date:11 Dec 1970
Chart Position:2
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Community:71 Own
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AThe MixturesThe Pushbike SongIdris Jones, Evan JonesDavid MackayDavid Mackay9.6  Rate
BThe MixturesWho Loves Ya?Mick FlinnDavid MackayDavid Mackay9.3  Rate


A release date of 19 Aug 1977 is given in booklet 'The New Singles' No. 687


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Neil Forbes
9th May 2015
 By the way, that release date of 19th August, 1977 is WA-A-A-AY out! The record was issued in 1970 both here(on Fable in Mono(boo-hoo) and in Britain on Polydor in Stereo(yeah!).

Neil Forbes
9th May 2015
 You Brits got a bonus in that you had this record in Stereo, both sides too, whilst the original Australian issue on Fable was only in Mono on both sides. Some people have all the luck(ha-ha!)

9th May 2015
 Their version of Henry Ford wasn't a hit here in the Yook but still found itself on an Avenue release :shocked:

9th May 2015
 @sheepdip1234. The B-Side Is not on CD. Their other tracks are Including In The Summertime. But the UK CD's are dominated by The Pushbike Song. The track In the video Is a Vinyl Rip. H.

9th May 2015
 Electric Warrior. Any idea if the B Side was ever issued on CD? Yes, it's a brilliant track.

29th Apr 2013
 Their rendition of "In The Summertime" was not issued in the UK presumably because Mungo Jerry's version was such a big hit that the Mixtures would have lost out to it. Mungo Jerry's version was not a hit in Australia at the time, so the Mixtures grabbed a hit with it there.

Electric Worrier
24th Feb 2013
 Push-out and Solid Centre labels added.

Michael Earith
3rd Feb 2013
 I notice no UK issue example of their rendition of "IN THE SUMMERTIME"which I thought would have been issued here.

17th Dec 2012
 Many congrats, Wiggo!!!

Electric Worrier
28th Oct 2012
 When I bought this in 1971, my copy came with a three prong centre and yet every copy I've seen since has the large hole. Does anyone know why so many were pressed in this way for the UK market?
I've since got a solid centre copy which I think is pretty unusual?
ps. The B-Side is brilliant!

12th May 2012
 ...and here it is:


17th Jul 2011
 The b-side is an ace orchestral piece, reminiscent of Classical Gas...

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