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Record Details

Artist:The New Seekers
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:2058 421
Date:16 Nov 1973
Chart Position:1
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:48 Own
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AThe New Seekers Featuring Lyn PaulYou Won't Find Another Fool Like MeMacaulay, StevensTommy OliverGerry Shury9.3  Rate
BThe New Seekers Featuring Eve GrahamSong For You And MeCotton, Kipner, LloydMichael LloydTommy Oliver4.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 501


8th Aug 2013
 Sleeve with insert added.

19th Sep 2012
 Dead wax: (Record scans 1 & 2) Both sides "Mels".

16th May 2012

No need to apologise. It gets a bit confusing on here sometimes.

I must admit though, looking at my previous comments they seem quite succinct for me, for a change. I must have remembered to take my tablets that day.


15th May 2012
 apologies for putting record on wrong page.

i just assumed UK number austrian was just a added note

2nd Feb 2012

Yes I reckon that was probably the intention of johneb120.

Anyway, as I say the Cat. Nos. are the same for the discs of both countries.

And hopefully as I also say, when I'm able to do so, I will put a scan up.



2nd Feb 2012
 Ty F'gear. Am I to presume then that johneb's comment was meant for the New Seekers Austrian "page"?.

2nd Feb 2012
 Steel-River-Wet / johneb120

I added the Austrian pressing to the database last year and of course you can find it filed under Austria.

The Cat. No. 2058 421 on the Austria pressing is indeed the same as the UK pressing.

The label layout is similar to UK Cat. No.2058 315, but has a white centre.

Still unable to contribute scans, but hope to be able to in the near future.
When able to do so, I will contribute the Austrian pressing for clarification.


2nd Feb 2012
 The A side - "featuring Lyn Paul" (the female English vocalist, in the band).

The B side -"featuring "Eve Graham", (the female Scottish vocalist, in the band).

2nd Feb 2012
 Which version is Austrian, Johneb?

12th Oct 2011
 austrian pressing with UK number

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