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Record Details

Artist:The Rubettes
Label:  Polydor
Catalogue:2058 442
Date:1 Mar 1974
Chart Position:1
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Community:79 Own, 2 Want
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AThe RubettesSugar Baby LoveBickerton, WaddingtonWayne BickertonGerry Shury8.4  Rate
BThe RubettesYou Could Have Told MeBickerton, WaddingtonWayne BickertonGerry Shury4.0  Rate


Release date from booklet 'The New Singles' No. 514


8th Dec 2015
 Here's the 45


6th Nov 2015
 I have Posted the Original Video of this. Quick to Watch or Download before It Is pulled again. H.


6th Nov 2015
 Version looks like Xmas 74 performance (did they keep the same Alan Williams Playback recording from earlier in the year for this ?)

6th Nov 2015
 I remember reading an interview with one of them at the time, maybe shortly afterwards (when they had become better known), that he would book into hotels under the name "Bob Showaddy"... :erk:

5th Nov 2015
 Making Steel's link user friendly

The Rubettes-"Do You Remember?"

5th Nov 2015
 From "Do you remember?" online forum..

"... Alan Williams said Da Vinci was never in the Rubettes. 'The Rubettes' never existed when SBL was recorded, it was a demo recorded by session musicians and singers (inc Da Vinci) of a song meant for Showaddywaddy (hence the 'bop showaddywaddy' in the background)

But when they turned it down, composer and record company boss Wayne Bickerton still had confidence in the song, so remixed the track with the original Da Vinci vocal and released it with this random 50s sounding group name. When it looked like becoming a hit, it was a case of 'blimey, we need the original guys together to promote it on tv shows', they genuinely were making it up on the hoof. Da Vinci was signed as a solo artist to another company, and unavailable, so Williams was drafted in along with the original session band, and they then 'became' the Rubettes for promotional purposes.".

Hope that helps "coringhamlad".

25th May 2015
 If my memory is correct, Paul Da Vinci was the actual vocalist on the recording but didn't appear with the group.

17th Oct 2012
 Who is our roadie? Bob Showaddy!


15th Apr 2011

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