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Artist:The Off-Beats [The Chyldren]
Label:  Tower
Date:Jan 1966
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AThe Off-Beats [The Chyldren]MaryDennis TertolaDagonet ProductionsRate
BThe Off-Beats [The Chyldren]You Tell MeDavid AllenDagonet ProductionsRate


10th Apr 2015
 I love this song! ...Because I wrote it. : ) http://www.mdtsongs.com/

16th Feb 2015
 Actually, I totally forgot something very important. This band is the same group as Children/Chyldren on Dagonet.

This is also them. Notice the Dagonet production credit.

Mike [Eyehate Werk] laid this all out in the comments somewhere, I just haven't found it yet.

Edit: relevant comment is here.


16th Feb 2015
 According to Mike's book...the group is out of Los Angeles. As I would think is the record on Brea. But as to whether the the two records were made by the same group, I've no idea.

16th Feb 2015
 From the "Dagonet Productions" credit I assume they were Californian? (see Dagonet)

14th Jul 2013

davie gordon
29th Jan 2013
 I've got a note, probably from Billboard, that they were a quartet made up of three 14-year olds
and a 15-year old.

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