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Artist:Andy Stewart
Label:  Top Rank International
Date:Nov 1960
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Community:2 Own
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AAndy StewartA Scottish SoldierStewartIain MacFadyenRate
BAndy StewartThe Muckin' O' Geordie's ByreRate


BB Nov 21, 1960


30th May 2015
 Keith: I had to change e-mail accounts and lost many messages from my previous one.

30th May 2015
 ...and before you ask: Janet and John were known as Alice and Jerry in the US.

30th May 2015
 Rercord Dragon....You didn't know that EMI entered the Top Rank picture??????
What happened to that e-mail I sent you ages ago with all this Janet & John stuff listed???

30th May 2015
 Top Rank was killed off in 1962 (EMI lost the rights to the name) and the record was still selling, so it was transferred to HMV.

30th May 2015
 Guess I didn't know British EMI entered the picture. I looked below and it did seem odd that this single was released on 2 different labels in the UK. How'd that happen?

30th May 2015
 Just like anything else from British EMI ended up on Epic in the sixties?

30th May 2015
 Thanks for the information, day. But how did this A-side track end up on Epic?


I have that reissue single.

30th May 2015
 I have both the Top Rank and Warwick 45's and can confirm they are one and the same recording. According to what I read on Andy Stewart.info, Top Rank sold the master to Warwick in March 1961 and Warwick started promoting it heavily. There was a Billboard review on it in the November 21, 1960 issue, when it was on Top Rank. Hope that is of some help.

4th Nov 2014
 Are these the same recordings as on Warwick?

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