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Artist:The Pooh
Label:  Date
Date:11 Feb 1972
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:1 Owns
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AThe PoohI'll Close The Door Behind MeR.I. Allen, C. Facchinetti, V. NegriniG.C. LucarielloF. Monaldi6.5  Rate
BThe PoohThe SuitcaseR.I. Allen, C. Facchinetti, V. NegriniG.C. LucarielloF. Monaldi6.5  Rate


The last new single ever issued on Date Records - more than a year after the previous single release (2-1677).


1st May 2012
 And the B-side (drum roll) . . .

28th Apr 2012
 P.S. There was also a Canadian issue, which apparently preceded this - Columbia C4-3029.

28th Apr 2012
 Given that this release is the same as the U.K. issue on CBS 7930, would it be possible to link the group's name to and/or combine it here (given how Date saw fit to add a "The" to their name)? Or combine both U.K. and U.S. issues to I Pooh, given that this particular record added English lyrics to "Tanta Voglia Di Lei"?

Meanwhile, coming as it did after 2-1677, many have incorrectly assumed this particular release as likewise being issued in 1970, as on . . .

Here, is the song with a bit more (apparently Date faded it early and/or edited it):

And for those who are wondering: R. I. Allen (who wrote the English lyrics) is, I.I.N.M., veteran songsmith (who wrote English lyrics to many a foreign composition) Robert I. Allen, no wonder Jerry Vale later covered this track.

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