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Record Details

Artist:Lee Marvin
Label:  Paramount / Pathé-Marconi
Catalogue:2C 006-91.369
Title:Bande Sonore Originale Du Film La Kermesse De L'ouest
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Community:2 Own
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ALee MarvinWand'rin' StarLerner, LoeweTom Mack9.5  Rate
BLee Marvin, Clint Eastwood And ChorusBest ThingsLerner, PrevinTom Mack8.5  Rate


Orchestra Conducted by Nelson Riddle


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14th Aug 2012
 learned something - thanks, y'all !

14th Aug 2012
 All of the records listed on the back cover are Paramount (or Dot) recordings.

Dr Doom
14th Aug 2012
 It's a tricky one but I'm with LouisSidney on this one.

Pathé-Marconi is a bit like Universal Music are now. They are the great big umbrella company and the various records are released on their variety of imprints, in this case Paramount.

Pathé-Marconi handle the overall distribution and manufacture with the imprints each having their own unique identity (In theory at least)

I'd be inclined to edit this with Paramount as the main label and Pathé-Marconi as a secondary label.

Looking over the various singles we currently have listed under Pathé-Marconi, I think a few could also be edited in a similar way.


14th Aug 2012
 front= paramount
back= pathé marconi


14th Aug 2012
 Record label is Paramount, not Pathé-Marconi which appears very rarely as a label (on special promos).

13th Aug 2012
 @ Dr Doom-> Yes it does. As long as i use the Free Version. I will try something else tomorrow.

Dr Doom
13th Aug 2012
 Hi santos, Is there any way to switch off the Generated By CamScanner watermark?

I presume the App. is adding them automatically?


13th Aug 2012
 I´ll add a better scan later!
This was to try out my a scan-app on my phone...

13th Aug 2012

13th Aug 2012

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