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Artist:Bobby Fuller Four
Label:  Mustang
Date:Jun 1965
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ABobby Fuller FourLet Her DanceBobby Fuller9.2  Rate
BBobby Fuller FourAnother Sad And Lonely NightBobby Fuller9.0  Rate


Monarch delta numbers: Δ57336 & Δ57328X


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18th Jun 2015
 And what an excellent movie it was! I just wish any of the 3 Mustang 45's of the song I have bought sounded anywhere near as good. I bought one after another hoping for a better sound, but alas they are all moderate. Perhaps the Liberty pressing is better?

17th Jun 2015
 "Let Her Dance" was on the soundtrack to the animated movie "Fantastic Mr. Fox"


17th Jun 2015
 And 2nd dancer from the left a young Teri Garr (American actress)!

27th May 2014
 For info on how this ended up on Liberty, please see my long comment on that listing.

13th Mar 2014
 I have both songs featured in the video in stereo on the "Best of the Bobby Fuller Four" LP on Rhino.

9th Dec 2013
 It would appear Mustang's parent, Stereo-Fi Corp., leased the masters to Liberty for a period; notice on their pressings the Mustang matrix numbers next to Liberty's.

9th Dec 2013
 How did this same record appear on Liberty?

8th Aug 2013
 Even a naughty bit at 2:18!

Ah, thanks for that. Never noticed this before which is odd as I never miss such things usually...

24th Jan 2013
 Great stuff indeed.Let Her Dance was covered here in Ireland by Don Duggan and The Savoy Showband and I do believe The Equals covered Another Sad And Lonely Night on the B side of PT 158. Two great tracks should have been a hit which is why Liberty picked up on it.

24th Jan 2013
 ......dirty boy !!

24th Jan 2013
 I make it 2 mins 19 secs!

24th Jan 2013
 Thanks to barneycordell............great vintage video, from Shivaree show #23, July 3, 1965, obviously lip-synched, but no matter, the audience seem to be having fun. Another Sad And Lonely Night is used to play out at the end of the show, and at 4:24 to 4:27 there is a lovely shot of Bobby Rydell playing tambourine, and then an 18 year old LaLa Brooks, of The Crystals, smiling, open mouthed, happy I guess just to be there.
Both Bobby Rydell and The Crystals had performed numbers earlier in the show, and got into the spirit of the Texas groups' performance.....

LA airdate July 3, 1965 (NYC airdate: July 31, 1965)
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Crystals, The -- Da Doo Ron Ron
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Crystals, The -- He's A Rebel
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Fuller 4, Bobby -- Let Her Dance
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Fuller 4, Bobby -- Another Sad & Lonely Night
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Gray, Dobie -- In Hollywood
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Gray, Dobie -- Mr. Engineer
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Rydell, Bobby -- Side Show
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Rydell, Bobby -- The Joker
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Whitcomb, Ian -- You Turn Me On
7/3/65 -- Show # 23 -- Whitcomb, Ian -- Too Many Cars On The Road

20th Sep 2012
 Pity this wasn't in colour as the suits appear to be the (Bright Red!) ones featured on the cover of the Mustang 'I Fought The Law' LP.

16th Jan 2012

Simply sensational! Even a naughty bit at 2:18!

15th Mar 2011
 I've added an A side scan with a star , not sure if these really qualify as a variation but they are printed on rather than being a sticker so may be valid ( with B Sides as good as this I suppose the radio jocks had to be steered in the right direction)

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