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Artist:Bobby Fuller Four
Label:  Mustang
Date:Nov 1965
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Community:64 Own, 4 Want
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ABobby Fuller FourI Fought The LawS. Curtis9.7  Rate
BBobby Fuller FourLittle Annie LouB. Fuller, R. Fuller8.0  Rate


Monarch delta numbers: Δ59136 & Δ59136-X


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21st Mar 2015

15th Jun 2014
 Great sounding mono mix:


29th Apr 2014
 Sheet music cover image added

David M. McKee
13th Mar 2014
 In 1964, Bob Keane (founder of Del-Fi Records) started a label called Mustang, which recorded a band from Texas, the Bobby Fuller Four. Bobby Fuller was an admirer of Ritchie Valens and sought out Keane to record him when he moved to Los Angeles.
Fuller had a smash hit with ‘I Fought the Law’ for Mustang records before dying in a controversial suicide in July, 1966.
The Mustang label released 26 singles between November 1964 and March 1967.

13th Mar 2014
 Is the Mustang label owned by or a subsidiary of the Del-Fi label?

15th Jan 2013
... How do you actually tell the difference....
Hold the record supported by 2 fingers from one hand through the spindle hole. Tap the edge of the disk with the other hand's index fingernail. If a ringing sound is produced the record is styrene; if the sound is a dull thud, it's vinyl.

NB. Use a fingertip, stick pen cap or similar object to support the record if it has the small (78/LP style) spindle hole.

5th Mar 2012


20th Apr 2011
 If you live it..(meaning here), you learn these things........(so far you're the King of the Irish pressings to the UK pressings...the way I can spot the difference with a Canadian to a US pressing...you live it)...John

20th Apr 2011
 Thanks John it will take me sometime to digest all that info.You are a STAR.

20th Apr 2011
 Almost every US Columbia/Epic/London after 1965 is on polystyrene..the label is glued on and sits atop a small shelf that's visible black wax..and as far as width of single they're very consistent one to the next (and they DO NOT BEND AT ALL/ no flexibility)...A US Vinyl single can run the gamut from almost brittle to very flexible and the label is pressed into the vinyl while it is being heat stamped , the label usually runs over the label "shelf" with a rounded curve edge...with the exception of a "Capitol" pressed single that has the gripper-ridges..in which case the label is (usually) cut smaller (you see gripper-ridges..you know it's vinyl!)....by the way US polystyrene singles get a bad rap...but if you have a mint one that has never been played with a bad stylus (and DJ copies usually have cue-burn..so be careful), they're usually cut loud and sound very good! )In fact I'll take a US Phillies or ABC/Dunhill on styrene any day..those labels used garbage on their vinyl pressings!...John

20th Apr 2011
 Its the dreaded P so is it a B.How do you actually tell the difference.Is one more flexible or wafer thin.

20th Apr 2011
 Tom is it vinyl or polystyrene...John

20th Apr 2011
 Totally different label layout looks a very modern pressing a bit on the blurred side for my likeing

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