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Artist:Warren Lee
Label:  Dee-Su
Date:Nov 1966
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AWarren LeeStar RevueWarren Lee, Allen ToussaintMarshall E. Sehorn, Allen ToussaintRate
BWarren LeeWaiting For A Bus (To Go Home)Warren LeeMarshall E. Sehorn, Allen ToussaintRate


Comments and Reviews
28th Apr 2016
 Added scans with label name Deesu instead of Dee-su.

1st Oct 2014
 When I first posted this, questions were raised about the correct release date. It's listed in the 1966 block of the Cosimo Code, with a reference to the Cashbox issue of November 26, 1966. Code numbers are 205-1890 and 205-1891.

28th Sep 2014
 "Star Revue" appears on the new Fuel 2000 compilation The Deesu Records Story with an extended ending. Instead of fading out at 2:20 like the original single, it continues to 2:58. Has this longer version come out before? By the way, Bill Dahl's notes cite 45cat.com as a source.

davie gordon
11th Jan 2012
 Early '67 - probably January.
The first series ran from June 1966 to early '68.
The second series,the 45-3xx's, are from 1970-1

11th Jan 2012
 Tried to find a more precise date for this release but found a can of worms instead. It appears this label went through two phases, Dee-Su from the mid sixties (changing to Deesu at some point) and just plain Deesu from 1970. Just to spice it up the first Dee-Su/Deesu series was numbered 3XX starting with 301 while the later Deesu releases were numbered 45-3XX starting at 45-300. You can find a discography for both labels here.

Not sure about the 1965 date for the Warren Lee single. Dee-Su 306 was 'Greatest Love' by Willie West which is reviewed in the February 11th 1967 edition of Billboard. Presumably the Warren Lee single must be early '67 or perhaps late '66. Anyone else have any info?

11th Jan 2012
 On some pressings the label name is rendered as "Dee-Su"; on others it's "Deesu." Allen Toussaint explained the origin of the label name "Sansu" as coming from the French phrase "cinq sous," or "five cents." "Dix sous," or "ten cents," gave us "Deesu." Three records were released on Kansu, which sounds like "quinze sous" (fifteen cents). Apparently the next in the series would have been "Vansu" ("vingt sous," twenty cents).

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Tags:  Marsaint Music (BMI)

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