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Label:  Laurie
Catalogue:3070 / LR 3070
Date:Oct 1960
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Community:53 Own, 1 Wants
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ADionLonely TeenagerS. Pippa, A. Dipoala, S. FaraciBob Mersey10.0  Rate
BDionLittle Miss BlueR. IsleBob Mersey9.3  Rate


Monarch Δ36643-X / Δ36643


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30th Nov 2015

6th Mar 2014
 Well, yeah, of course.... when a label is still issuing current 45s when 45s have pretty much all switched over to stereo, you'll find real stereo issues, where there are no mono issues.....but talking about the reissues of earlier Laurie hits on the same labels, with the same numbers, but mentioning Stereo on the label, no, those would be mono.... regardless of what the label says. I've told you this about a dozen times by now, a lot of labels were pre-printed with the word Stereo on them and those got used regardless of whether or not the recording on the disc was actually stereo. It seems to be a fairly common thing, you shouldn't be so surprised when you come across one you didn't know about before....

6th Mar 2014
 Here's 2 exceptions


LR 3638

6th Mar 2014
 Correct. If you find Laurie label 45's that say stereo they probably aren't.

6th Mar 2014
 The singles here marked "stereo" aren't?

6th Mar 2014
 No.... leave them here...they're not part of the original stereo releases of the era....just mis-labelled re-issues.....John

6th Mar 2014
 The RCA matrix numbers - all mono, incidentally - were assigned in mid-1963, along with a whole set of numbers for back 45's dating back to Laurie's first year of operation. That alone, if nothing else, proves the "STEREO" appellation on the PRC-pressed {Images #1197443 & 1197444} to be a crock. However, as the cat. # is same, I'll leave the judgment to other 45cat'ers as to whether it stays here or if a new entry is to be created.

6th Mar 2014
 Okay, here are those 'stereo' labels. LR prefix in cat #. Different matrix numbers. I'll let the experts decide whether it stays here or moves to its own listing. To my ears, neither side is stereo. A re-issue?

26th Aug 2013

21st Nov 2012
 label variations added

21st Nov 2012
 better quality sleeve scan added

27th Sep 2012
 My " stereo" copy does not obviously sound stereo to a casual listen.. The dead wax has "P4KM-7336-1E" and -7337- for the A side.

18th Sep 2012
 I'll try to find where I filed it and have a listen. The label design was the same as pictured
here except for the prefix and the word stereo

17th Sep 2012
 I would like to see (and hear) this. I am suspicious because back in the 70's or 80's, Laurie put out some reissue 45's that all said STEREO on the labels, but many were mono. I was angry because I bought one of them because it falsely said "stereo". But if this is a true stereo 45 from 1960, I would like to add it to my list of stereo 45's here.

17th Sep 2012
 I have a stereo version, which ads a LR prefix to the cat. No.

3rd May 2012
 The Columbia plants' label variants are as follows:
- {Images #214765 & 214767} - Bridgeport, CT (which I have)
- {Images #350610 & 350611} - Terre Haute, IN.

3rd May 2012
 added picture sleeve

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