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Artist:The Show Stoppers
Label:  Beacon
Catalogue:3 100
Date:1 Mar 1968
Chart Position:11
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Community:75 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Show StoppersAin't Nothing But A House PartySharh, ThomasBruce Charles9.1  Rate
BThe Show StoppersWhat Can A Man DoFitchDrew Stewart8.0  Rate


Release date from Record Retailer Feb 21, 1968.
Record Mirror review Feb 17, 1968.


9th Sep 2016


19th Sep 2015
 hef21: well, they mayn't've noticed 'til the end of that run, or the beginning of the next job - and 'twould appear that beacon records' manglement didn't notice, either...

18th Sep 2015

ppint. That explains it then. The cheapskates.

18th Sep 2015
 hefty1: the printers ran out of red ink.

18th Sep 2015
 Added my scan of A side because for some reason the torch flame has been left out. The B side does have the torch flame.

28th Jun 2015
  There are, altogether, four different issues of this. They are:

1 - (3-100). Red and white swirl label with torch logo. Credited to 'The Show Stoppers'. Bruce Charles production credit. Issued 1968.
2 - (3-100). Yellow label. Small torch logo in circle. Credited to 'The Show Stoppers'. Bruce Charles production credit. Issued 1968
3 - (BEA 100). Green label - completely different design. Credited to 'The Show Stoppers'. Bruce Charles & Milton Samuel production credit. Issued 1971.
4 - (BEA 100). Orange label - again, a different design to any of the above. Credited to 'Showstoppers'. Bruce Charles production credit and Irving Weinroth executive producer credit. Issued 1972.


17th Jun 2015
 Never knew the Tremeloes covered this A-side. Was it an LP track only?

Not a bad version. And in stereo.

My Friend Jack
17th Jun 2015
 This was playing in our local branch of COOK at the weekend. Followed by Chairmen of the Board. Made a very pleasant change from the sort of crap that plays in most shops!

I like the Tremeloes' version as well (especially the intro).

Reginald Fodstain
22nd Oct 2014
 @Roger - yes, mine's a red copy, and you're correct, of course :)

21st Oct 2014
 @Reginald Fodstain Is your copy one of the Red and White "swirly" copies? If so it probably actually has "MASTERING BY FRANKFORD/WAYNE PHILA" stamped in the dead wax (mine certainly does), though the "PHILA" bit is only really prominent on the "B" side. Also my copy has STR-101A (For "Houseparty") and STR-101B (For "What Can A Man Do") stamped into the dead wax, these being the catalogue number of the U.S. release on ShowTime Records 101. This suggests to me that the U.K. pressings used the same original master as the U.S. one.

Reginald Fodstain
18th Oct 2014
 "Mastered by Frankford/Wayne" stamped into the deadwax on both sides. On my copy anyway!

24th Jul 2014
 The J. Geils Band and Phil Fearon both did great covers of this A-side.

24th Jul 2014
 Thanks Charlie, much appreciated.

Charlie Chalk
24th Jul 2014
 @ kevhutson - your images moved here.

Thin Yoghurt
9th Jun 2013
 Red/white issue labels without the MCPS credit added.

8th Jun 2013
 Just been played on BBC Radio 2 - Sounds of the 60's (June 8th 2013)
It was played June 4th 2011. I wonder if they play it every June?

29th Apr 2012
 another yellow a side added

29th Jun 2011
 Excellent record. My Mum had the yellow one - never seen the red and white version before. I do remember this one spinning on the turntable and being transfixed by that circled flame... had an oddly hypnotic effect!

26th Jun 2011
 A must have floor filler everything poured into those 3 mins. I too have both label copies and I too did not know which was first until I came on here and it appears to be the yellow one based on the earlier release being a yellow Beacon too and the add of Harlesden as the local on the red labels.

(The company's address In Harlesden became part of Trojan family (before Saga the Holiday Company for over 50's took over, yes Saga), then Cactus/Creoletook up residence then it becaume the home to Champion and then followed by Cheeky.)

Great shame the track is so mono.(no budget and such a small US label) Defo one for the boys to put right

Following the success of Houseparty UK MGM picked up the follow up

Oakley Boys
4th Jun 2011
 Ah , the wonders of technology.....now where's mi pen and paper?

4th Jun 2011
 regarding catalogging, im doing it the easy way by listing my singles here via 'collection' and then downloading them to an excel/ database set so far so good, with the added bonus that I can transfer my wants list info to my blackberry, which is very handy for going round the bootsales.

4th Jun 2011
 That's pretty much my aim too and I'm approximately at the same stage! Trouble is, I've done it so far without actually cataloguing a single one. One day soon...

Oakley Boys
4th Jun 2011
 I'm making an effort to get all the UK hit singles listed in the Guinness book and some of them unfortunately hit less than 40th so apologies for that. There's about 2900 listed from 1960 to 1969 of which I've got about 2100 so still loads to go.. but good fun anyway. 'm planning on doing that before I hit 65-- 8 more years to go so 100 each year hopefully.

4th Jun 2011

Col Wolfe
4th Jun 2011
 Phil Swern had one or two very decent production credits of his own as well.... see here

4th Jun 2011
 And a couple of those (Beatles, Who, In-Crowd) didn't hit the Top 40!

4th Jun 2011
 Yeah, I was thinking maybe "The Last Time" by The Who (seen that go for £100 recently) or even "Beggin'" which got to No38 but is heading up to be a £100 single in mint Nick. Really MINT "Love Me Do"'s would be a few hundred of course.

Oakley Boys
4th Jun 2011
 I think on book value My Bonnie by the Beatles is close, However there are several whose value might exceed that if auctioned:- Shaye Cogan, The England Sisters, The Creation are getting close, The Who, The in-Crowd, Eddie Cochran, Hal Paige and the Wailers, Jimmy Radcliffe are just some of the candidates.

4th Jun 2011
 Phil Swern is a legend. I wonder..if you had to start buying every UK Top 40 Single, starting now with E-bay etc..which 45 would be the hardest to get/most expensive to buy?

4th Jun 2011
 You're not wrong, fabgear66, Brian Matthew hosts a great show (nearly) every Saturday 0805-1000hrs, and it can be heard for seven days after broadcast on BBC I-Player, from anywhere in the UK.

Brian Matthew has been around forever, and I remember him when I was a young teenager, listening to Easy Beat and Saturday Club on the radio, BBC Light Programme, in the 1960's where The Beatles were often 'live' performers.

Often during the current 'SOTS' 1960's programme, he refers to Philip or Phil Swern, where information is required about rare records or performers.

Phil Swern was the owner of one of the World's largest private record collections, and has now sold it, see details of acquisition by Broadchart.

Now, if we could only persuade Mr. Swern to join 45cat.com............??

4th Jun 2011
 Just been played on BBC Radio 2 Sounds of the 60s (at 9.05).
One of my alltime faves. Also got the Red / White copy when it first came out.

12th Apr 2011
 I got my copy when it charted and it was the Red / White label.

12th Apr 2011
 I have both versions, can anyone tell me which is the first press? cheers

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