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Label:  Columbia
Date:May 1978
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Community:8 Own, 1 Wants
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22nd Feb 2016

Ort. Carlton
21st Feb 2016
 Whoomped clear up to # 106 on Billboard's "Bubbling Under" chart.

30th May 2011
 Thanks for that YankeeDisc! It's why I love this site so much!

30th May 2011
 As somebody with both the original 1977 single by Pockets Come Go With Me, and the US copy of the first album, PC 34879 - Come Go With Us, I never saw any copies of those with the "Columbia" masking kit attached.

By 1978, MCPS were at all out war with the importers, myself included, to get the offending "Columbia" logo obliterated from US product brought into the UK.
The fact that copies escaped 'stickering', shows just how much we importers despised MCPS, operating from their fortress base at Streatham, SW16, like feudal Barons.
This single here looks like it has had the small words "Columbia" obliterated by nail varnish, which when dry, would obscure any print beneath. A marker pen might not have the same result.
I would suggest that this single was never subjected to the full sticker treatment, because if it had been, there would be some residue still visible, or tear marks, or both. I suggest it was more likely that the first stage of the obliteration of "Columbia" had been carried out, and the second stage never took place, lucky for you.
Heres a copy of the US 12", full length mix, timed at 5:42, and it shows quite clearly the details of the album JC 35384, from where it came, although the album version, is timed at 3:14, just as the single here.

30th May 2011
 Interesting! I had a close look at the B Side and it does look like it might have had one of those bits of offending tape over it at one time (though the stain on the slightly ripped bit is more likely to have been from an alcoholic beverage at the club - he he). I remember buying this one new though, and I certainly wouldn't have bothered trying to remove a bit of tape, so I'm guessing that my mate at the shop may have got there before me. I note though that the A side is completely clean and no sign of anything having been put across 'Columbia' there.

30th May 2011
 It could be that yours originally had a sticker over the Columbia name. Is that glue residue on the B side or a coffee stain?

30th May 2011
 At the risk of Numpty time again (i've grown quite fond of it to be honest) can I ask one of the experts on here about the 'red pen' business on the label? When I bought this back in '78 it was quite unusual to see Columbia labels from the US with the CBS logo above it. Quite often these imported labels had bits of tape and/or pen marks obliterating one or other of the names or logos. I know that this was for copyright reasons here - but on this release the only thing that been 'officially' red penned is a reference to their LP label. Anyone know what it was and/or why it was done? Thanks boffs - I love this site!

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