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Artist:Tony Sheridan And The Beat Brothers
Label:  Decca
Date:11 Apr 1962
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Community:2 Own, 3 Want
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ATony Sheridan And The Beat BrothersMy Bonnie(Traditional)Rate
BTony Sheridan And The Beat BrothersThe Saints (When The Saints Go Marching In)James Milton Black, Katherine PurvisRate


BB April 28, 1962

Pink label DJ promo with machine stamped numbers in dead wax


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17th Mar 2012
 Up to the end of 1972, deadwax markings for each of Decca/MCA's pressing plants were indicated as follows:
- Gloversville, NY - stick "1"
- Pickneyville, IL - "2"
Also, up to 1965 Gloversville was the only one of the plants to have music publishing info below the time, on the lower right side of the label above artist credit (while the catalogue and matrix numbers were on the lower left side); while Pickneyville put the catalogue and matrix numbers, and song times, over the rainbow side on center right.

17th Mar 2012
 Thanks Boursin,...who knows??.....also considering this release was pressed at two different plants, my guess is there are at least 250-500 copies pressed...why are there only about 25-30 known copies accounted for?.......(notice you never see a cut-out copy of this!!!)......did time-travellers buy up the remaining stock?...John

16th Mar 2012
 Yes, the Decca pressing plant marks usually indicate the B side, but I've seen several records where they are on the A side - on big hit records where there is no doubt about which the A and B sides were. I've noticed this on some Buddy Holly records (such as Peggy Sue and Rave On). Maybe the side designations were different in some early paperwork and were reversed only at the last minute...?

Or who knows, maybe "The Saints" was in fact intended to be promoted in the US as the A side of this 45!

16th Mar 2012
 W.B.Lbl ...any idea why the pressing plant marks are on My Bonnie side, instead of the B ?...also the master numbers desinate the A/B sides...unusual...John

16th Mar 2012
 Added Pickneyville labels that I got off of the net years ago.. (JPGR&B, The labels you added were from Gloversville N.Y., my friends copy is from Gloversville).....John

16th Mar 2012
 The Polydor 'Made in England' version is worth about £30-40, though a 'MEGA RARE SUPERB MINT' copy may go for double that ;o)


16th Mar 2012
 Seems a very high price. What's the Polydor version worth?

16th Mar 2012
 Top price according to Popsike is $4000. I do hope the auction is broadcast online.

16th Mar 2012
 I won't get there probably 'til early April, secondly I have to connive my daughter into letting me borrow her laptop....:-)...John

16th Mar 2012
 Yes, do BJ. Soon!

16th Mar 2012
 A friend of mine actually has a stock copy of this (VG+)...sooner or later I'm going to get a scanner and a laptop over to his place........John

16th Mar 2012
 A mint condition stock pressing of this single is due to be auctioned on 30 March 2012 by Heritage Auctions in the USA, who estimate it will fetch at least $30,000 during their Entertainment & Music Memorabilia Signature® auction.

16th Mar 2012
 Stock copies added. Sorry about the poor quality of the images but they will have to suffice until someone can provide clearer images.

19th Jan 2012
 "My Bonnie" contains the slow intro not present on the MGM issue

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