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Artist:Teddy Scholten
Label:  Philips
Catalogue:318 217 PF
Date:Mar 1959
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Community:8 Own, 2 Want
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ATeddy Scholten'n BeetjeD. Schallies, W. v. HemertJan CorduwenerRate
BTeddy ScholtenLì Per Lì (Tikketak, Tikketi)G. Viezzoli, L. Beretta,, M. v. d. Doorn, G. v. Amstel, P. VèrissJan CorduwenerRate


There are two different original 1959 recordings of 'N Beetje by Teddy Scholten. The version available on this release is the first one which has a softer arrangement at the introduction. The second version has a faster and more erratic staccato arrangement at the introduction.


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27th Dec 2013
 The 7" single of "'n Beetje" by Teddy Scholten, the 1959 Eurovision entry from Holland was never originally issued with any picture sleeve back in 1959. For his own collection "funkyboymark" produced a high quality professional hard card glossy reprint picture sleeve with images taken from Teddy Scholten 7" EP but redesigned with the correct label, catalogue number and other relevant details also added.

But it's a fake, it's necessary to remove it Mod: done!

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