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Record Details

Artist:Blue Swede
Label:  EMI
Catalogue:3627 / P-3627
Date:Dec 1973
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
Community:28 Own
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ABlue SwedeHooked On A FeelingMark JamesBengt Palmers7.3  Rate
BBlue SwedeGotta Have Your LoveB. Palmers, B. SkifsBengt PalmersBengt Palmers7.0  Rate


-- Originally issued in USA on the Capitol label (same cat. no.), as record entered the charts, coupling was moved to the EMI label (first EMI label single in USA)


12th May 2014
 P-3627 has the same two Stereo tracks as the retail copy.I'll change it

12th May 2014
 That makes sense, but I don't know if the promo is actually double-A-sided, possibly mono/stereo.

12th May 2014
 If it has the same sides as the stock shouldn't the promo number just be on the stock listing as an alternate number?

12th May 2014
 The promo of this single had the same sides as the stock copy?

7th May 2012
 The first variant shown {Images #197164 & 197165} came from Winchester, VA; I have that one. The newly-added one {Images #438932 & 438933} was typeset in Los Angeles.

7th May 2012
 Added variant label scans -- these appear identical in typography to the Capitol label scans on the corresponding entry.

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