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Artist:The Tremeloes
Label:  CBS
Date:Sep 1968
Chart Position:6
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Community:46 Own
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AThe TremeloesMy Little LadyD. Pace, M. Panzeri, L. Pilat, A. Blakley, L. HawkesMike SmithAlan Hawkshaw8.0  Rate
BThe TremeloesAll The World To MeA. Blakley, L. HawkesMike SmithRate


Melody Maker review Sep 7, 1968.


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20th Apr 2014

11th Apr 2013
 Here's another Tremeloes single which had an equally good B-side that could have been a hit in its own right. Like "As You Are" (the flip side of "Suddenly You Love Me" earlier on in the same year), "All The World To Me" has all the hallmarks of a 1968 hit.

"My Little Lady" is a catchy song as well, one of the many bright and sunny singles that helped to make 1968 such a good year for chart music. Its intro is remarkably similar to Roy Orbison's "Penny Arcade" released the following year. In fact, the very first time I heard "Penny Arcade", before the singing came on, my first thought was, "Ey up, somebody's done a cover version of "My Little Lady" already!".

This was the third of four Tremeloes singles to enter the Top 30 in 1968 (two of them Top 10 hits), thus making 1968 a great year for this band.

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