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Artist:Ritchie Valens
Label:  Del-Fi
Date:Nov 1958
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Community:38 Own, 2 Want
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ARitchie ValensDonnaR. Valens9.3  Rate
BRitchie ValensLa BambaAdapt'n Ritchie Valens9.7  Rate


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Rockin Bill
18th Sep 2014
 The black label should be ranged in the cue (60s repress)
The color for the 2cd press matches with Twister's pics 411034 & 411037 that are hidden in the (+ more)

Rockin Bill
18th Sep 2014
 Yes musictorn, it also matches with
some collectors
some vinatge records sellers
my grandmother
and logical

Note that on the 45-sleeves.com I can't see the black-toothed blue label exept for J. Crawford's # 4222 ???

17th Sep 2014
 Rockin Bill: I don't believe what you have jives with http://45-sleeves.com.

7th May 2014

7th May 2014

Rockin Bill
28th Dec 2013
 In addition to Twister post ;

The first Del-Fi singles design had "Del-Fi" in 'gothic' styled letterings at the top of the label, with no other graphics (pics 196946/949 219496/498 411034/037). This one was issued in several colors, including yellow, gold, green, and blue for various singles.
It was replaced by fall, 1958, by the second design, shown on 410963 / 965 pics. This happened at least by #4106, (Come On, Let's Go" by Ritchie Valens) and was primaly colored in yellow, then in blue.
The sawtooth design label first appear in light blue and was used from may 1959 until the fall of 1961. Some Ritchie Valens singles were issued on a gold variation of this label
The black sawtooth design label (pics 279469/470) ran from 1962 until 1965.

Concerning #4110 :

- The contract-pressing was for the aqua/circles label ( pics 410963 / 965). But as pressing plants couldn't face the immediatly high demand, it was first issued with at least 3 different labels : aqua/contract label (No ®) and the older designed one in blue and in green colors.
Though the old stock was used at the same time as the aqua label, it is seems logical that the very first singles were issued with then current label. All three are nevertheless original pressings from the fall of 1958.

- 1959 issues were on the contract label but with the ® added on the right of the logo.

- The third design for this record : light blue label with black prints and sawtooth, and and a pale-grey label occasionaly (not shown here so far but i'll post an old scan of the grey variation) appeared on sept. 1959, (rarest issue)

- The lack label one (219469/470) was used for 1962 to 1965 issues.

- 'Valens Memorial Series' reissues also used that design but this time on dark gold label with black prints

6th Apr 2012
 The first set (dark green) is the 2nd pressing; the blue is the 3rd pressing, the "circles"/"bubbles" label is the 1st pressing and the sawtooth set is the 1960s re-issue.

The 4th full set is the true 1st pressing example of the release. The single post of "La Bamba" is an alternate variation of the label.

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