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Artist:Shy Limbs
Label:  CBS
Date:9 May 1969
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AShy LimbsReputationJ. DickensonJimmy Duncan10.0  Rate
BShy LimbsLoveJ. DickensonJimmy Duncan8.5  Rate


Deepinder Cheema
18th Apr 2014
 Indeed. great that Fripp is rummaging through his archive. I'd wager that not many folk watching at Discipline Global knew and copies are as we speak being hunted down s'more.

16th Apr 2014
 biffbampow: thanks for the extra info.

15th Apr 2014
 Today, Robert Fripp published a diary entry for March 25th 2014 in which he rummaged through some old paperwork and unearthed some information on the classic B side here...

It was recorded on October 1st 1968 at Lansdowne Studios featuring himself playing his lead parts using a Burns Buzzaround fuzzbox along with Greg Lake - Guitar & Lead vocals, John Dickinson - Keyboards & Vocals
, Malcolm Brasher - Bass & Vocals, Andrew McCulloch - Drums.

So, by the time this single was released, Greg Lake was an ex-member... drummer McCulloch would join King Crimson for a short time for the ill-fated "Lizard" sessions in 1970.

Info from Robert Fripp at DGM Live.

big swifty
25th Jan 2013
 Here is the B side

Fripp on g'tar

Deepinder Cheema
20th Sep 2012
 This needs to be heard. (Lady in black seems to be more elusive) The B side cracks along too.


3rd Sep 2012
 it's a superb single and should've made the charts - i just *wish* there'd been an lp - or tapes in the vault for a retrospective cd - by shy limbs. the first phrase of the melody line is ah, "strongly reminiscent of" a song i think is traditional english, "have you not seen my lady (go down the garden singing)", and "reputation" might've been a bit stronger, had the band developed that melody some before going into that wonderful "organ wash of sound". it's probably the single best [no pun intended] example of totally ott phasing i know. "a killer."

The Toad
20th Nov 2010
 Scans of issue labels uploaded.

30th Sep 2009
 What a single. The a side is a bit of top Procol Harum type psychedelia with a phasey outro,great organ and an epic feel throughout. The b side is a slice of psych prog pop with heavy bass slide from Greg and some Frippery on guitar.

Leather Rebel
13th Sep 2009
 The singer here is Greg Lake, who'd later join King Crimson and then form Emerson, Lake and Palmer.

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