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Artist:Frank Sinatra And Dagmar
Label:  Columbia
Date:11 Jun 1951
Collection:  I Own It     I Want It 
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AFrank Sinatra And DagmarMama Will BarkManning1.0  Rate
BFrank SinatraI'm A Fool To Want YouJ. Wolf, Herron, Sinatra8.0  Rate


Dog barking imitation provided by Donald Bain.

Also issued on 78 RPM as 39425


Comments and Reviews
25th Jan 2016

29th Mar 2015
 And while "Mama Will Bark" did make the charts, "I'm A Fool To Want You" charted a little better, though the whole record's performance was nowhere near either his "bobby-soxer" peak of the '40's or his post-'53 comeback highs.

28th Mar 2015
 Yes, Frank despised Miller and never forgave him for forcing on him some of the crap he recorded during this period. On the other hand, Frank had no one to blame but himself for such gems as "Ev'rybody's Twistin'" and "Winchester Cathedral", and how can we forget the abomination that was the disco version of "Night and Day"?

My "embarrassed" and "humiliated" comments were specific to his performance of The Woody Woodpecker Theme" for Your Hit Parade, which is available on grey market discs from Europe.

28th Mar 2015
 "Embarrassed"? In fact, Sinatra used "Mama Will Bark" as Exhibit "A" of, in his mind, how Mitch Miller had sought to destroy his career during this "low point," and after his 1953-54 comeback never forgave Miller for it.

As for Dagmar, she was a popular TV personality of the time, appearing alongside Jerry Lester on the early late-night program Broadway Open House.

28th Mar 2015
 The A-side is pretty much unarguably the worst track Sinatra ever recorded and commercially released. Perhaps even worse though was his version of the Woody Wood Pecker theme he performed for the radio program Your Hit Parade. It is clear from his performance that he was embarrassed and humiliated to have to sing it.

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