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Artist:Dion (Di Muci)
Label:  Columbia
Date:20 Aug 1963
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ADion (Di Muci)Donna The Prima DonnaD. Di Muci, E. MarescaRobert MerseyDion Di Muci9.3  Rate
BDion (Di Muci)You're MineD. Di MuciRobert MerseyRobert Mersey10.0  Rate


BB Aug 31, 1963

-- first (of three) singles where Dion's credit is "Dion Di Muci"....(last name was previously "DiMucci"...no space, two "c"s).


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29th May 2014
 Replacement A-side video


24th Jul 2013
 I've wondered what significance the name Donna had with either Dion or Ernie Maresca, given the "Donna Productions Inc." credit on "Lovers Who Wander." But in any case, I do agree as to its brilliance. My only copy of this is the promo {Images #827824 & 827825}, pressed in Pitman, NJ with Bridgeport, CT typesetting.

24th Jul 2013
 Another brilliant Dion performance. Only Dion could get away with rhyming Zsa Zsa Gabor with the five and ten cent store.... I love this video. Somehow Dion is always so cool that a performance from 50 years ago doesn't seem dated except for the black and white photography.


4th May 2013
 793135/827821: This set depicts the double-sided promo release which was issued on red vinyl

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