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Artist:Simon And Garfunkel
Label:  Columbia
Date:5 Apr 1968
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Community:39 Own, 1 Wants
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ASimon And GarfunkelMrs. RobinsonP. SimonSimon, Garfunkel, Halee10.0  Rate
BSimon And GarfunkelOld Friends/BookendsP. SimonSimon, Garfunkel, Halee9.0  Rate


14th Nov 2013
 promo labels added

26th Oct 2013
 That line on that {Image #1026692} label indicates a pressing by Terre Haute, IN, despite the rest of the label copy coming from Pitman, NJ.

24th Oct 2013
 Added alternate label variant. Mrs. Robinson matix # is "ZSP 135935-2".

1st May 2013
 With much acknowledgement to Lugnut, have added "clean" 2nd Pressing Pitman NJ label scans.

15th Feb 2012
 First pressings listed both sides as emanating from "The Graduate" (albeit on Pitman, NJ pressings; Terre Haute, IN and Santa Maria, CA pressings did not mention the film on the B-side), and crediting Simon, Garfunkel and Halee as producers; second pressings changed songs' origin as from the "Bookends" LP and eliminated the producers' credit.

8th Jan 2012
 no credits for Gary Usher who co-produced the B-side

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