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Artist:Janis Joplin
Label:  Columbia
Date:12 Jan 1971
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Community:37 Own
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28th Sep 2014
 Some Pitman pressings from the late 1970 to mid-1971 period have this tapered edge (not too dissimilar to what was on some UK "Plasticraps") alongside the usual edge, but this was short-lived. Probably one of their "coinings" to fit on their injection-molded stampers - and perhaps an attempt to distinguish from Terre Haute pressings? I have about three Pitman copies, some with the tapered edge, some without.

28th Sep 2014
 The Pittman variant I own has a tapered edge. I have seen a few other titles with this edging. Was it a temporary trial? Don't think I've seen any post-1971 pressings with it.

8th Apr 2012
 As no-one has stepped forward, I've taken it upon myself to add the Pitman, NJ label variant.

17th Mar 2012
 First variant from Terre Haute, IN.
Second variant from Santa Maria, CA.
I noticed no-one as yet has come forward with the Pitman, NJ variant . . .

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