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Label:  Capitol
Date:14 Nov 1977
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AWingsGirls' SchoolMcCartneyPaul McCartney8.0  Rate
BWingsMull Of KintyreMcCartney, LainePaul McCartney7.8  Rate


--UK A&B flipped for US release.


17th Apr 2015
 BeatleJohn, I didn't assume the matrices were definite proof, but would it be fair to say that it makes it likely (in general, not as 100% proof for this release)? The same, I think, applies to the sleeve orientation - the cut out is usually on the B-side of a release, but not always.

I have no doubt that Girls is the de facto lead track in the States, but I still believe that it was officially a double A, and that Mull was the intended lead track, but it didn't work out that way. Of course, the fact that it was made a double A implies that they were not sure themselves which track to promote - a concern that was proved correct by different sides of the disc being picked up on different sides of the Atlantic.

[So when I said " imply that Mull is the A side" in my previous comment I should have said "imply that Mull is also an A side, and the intended lead track".]

8th Apr 2015
 Never assume a lower matrix means an A-side on a US release....Never!....;-).....John

2nd Apr 2015
 Officially, isn't it a double A, with Mull getting play in UK and Girls in US? Even if that's not the case, the matrix numbers on the label and the cut of the sleeve imply that Mull is the A side.

26th Apr 2014
 "Girls School" was the side that charted nationally (#33 Billboard)...and the side that's on the most ARSA surveys (32).. (and the side that charted on WLS!)..."Mull Of Kintyre" charted on only 4 ARSA surveys (mostly in Buffalo NY)...at the time I never heard "Mull" on NYC radio...always "Girls"...............John

24th Apr 2014
 "Girl's School" is the A-side? I never heard that song on the radio. "Mull" yes.

27th Sep 2013
 I have never seen the purple label before.

10th Mar 2013
 It's actually a "mistake" printing!...(If you look at the song information and publishing etc. you'll notice it's squshed to fit in in the silver ring of the Black label)..always wanted one of these..(I think it's rarer than the "price guides" have listed)...thanks for posting jello98.....John

10th Mar 2013
 Added scans of the very rare purple label US issue. Not many of these were made.

7th Jan 2013
 Billboard only listed "Girls' School" during its Hot 100 chart run. Record World listed both sides on its Top 100 chart.

1st Mar 2012
 Changed, according to label.

1st Mar 2012
 The apostrophe should either be after the s (label), or missing altogether (sleeve), but not before the s.

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