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Artist:Shadows Of Knight
Label:  Dunwich
Catalogue:45-116 / 116 / DX-116
Date:Jan 1966
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Community:38 Own
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AShadows Of KnightGloriaMorrisonDunwich Productions9.0  Rate
BShadows Of KnightDark SideRogers, SohnsDunwich Productions8.0  Rate


BB March 5, 1966


4th Sep 2014
 Thanks Bill. Here I am more interested in telling the difference between styrene and vinyl labels that are otherwise similar, and if you can't then why have duplicates up? Cheers - Jackdaw

Bill Fick
26th Aug 2014
 Jackdaw, look at the postings for Keyman 701 (Lisa Carroll) for some info about polystyrene records...

Bill Fick
26th Aug 2014
 There's another gold label Dunwich variation (no Atco) of this release that looks like the gold label listed under Dunwich 45-117 on this site. I've always assumed that variation to be the earliest pressing of this. Maybe someone can clarify...

26th Aug 2014
 Thanks for your comment BeatleJohn. OK, so now they are in a row, starting with 983899. That makes it easier to compare. They look the same to me as far as image, font and wording. Obviously the color is brighter for 983899, but that can be attributed to how the image was made, color levels, saturation, etc. How do you tell the difference between polystyrene and vinyl? Much appreciated.

25th Aug 2014
 No..(I unhid them...)...one set is polystyrene...the other set is vinyl....John

25th Aug 2014
 Aren't 713229 (2nd from last) and 983899 (12th from last) and their corresponding b sides the same? Cheers, Jack

7th May 2014

7th May 2014

3rd Nov 2013
 Added yet another label variation

12th Oct 2013
 Added another label variation

21st Sep 2013
 Added a B side label to join image# 288712.

3rd Feb 2013
 Added an A side which is the counterpart to TheJudge/Diognes' B side. Note the misregistration of the yellow on this particular label.

Can WB.lbl or any other experts advise on what order these very different looking variants should go in?

6th Jul 2012
 Added original labels from Chicago before Distributed by Atco

7th Nov 2011
 My copy has yellow labels with black text.

Billy Two
31st Jul 2011
 Gold label variation added.

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