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Artist:The Young Rascals
Label:  Atlantic
Date:Feb 1966
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Community:40 Own, 1 Wants
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AThe Young RascalsGood Lovin'Clark, ResnickThe Young Rascals9.0  Rate
BThe Young RascalsMustang SallyRiceThe Young RascalsRate


1st Nov 2013
 My copy was mispressed with "Good Lovin'" labels on both sides. Plays A and B-side tracks.

24th Mar 2013
 Added another set of alternate labels.

21st Oct 2012
 Whoops!!.....they're charging 5th Avenue prices for seats.($400 bucks for orchestra!)..don't think I can go now!....John

20th Oct 2012
 All four (Yay!!!) are reuniting for (now) 6 shows at the Capitol Theatre in Port Chester in December....which is fairly close to me in Yonkers....Can't Wait!!!! (wierdly, I've never seen the original band...but I've seen all four live at different occasions (Eddie Brigati with his brother David...when they were "Brigati".....Danelli and Cornish in Fotomaker, and Cavaliere..twice....)...John

Here's Steve Van Zandt.doing the big "schill".....

24th Jun 2012
 Good Lovin'

.....dynamic performance, with everything thrown in, posted again as version on youtube taken down from UK issue. AT 4082

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