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Artist:Thunderclap Newman
Label:  Track [Dist. Atlantic]
Date:Aug 1969
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Community:22 Own
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AThunderclap NewmanSomething In The AirSpeedy KeenePete Townshend10.0  Rate
BThunderclap NewmanWilheminaAndy NewmanPete Townshend8.0  Rate


Note that the composer credit for "Wilhemina" is different to the one on the UK issue on some pressings.


Number: 286029  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: A Side Label - Promo

Number: 286030 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: B Side Label - Promo

Number: 263376 
Description: a alt

Number: 263378 
Description: b alt

Number: 157780 
Uploaded By: TheJudge
Edited By: musictom
Description: A-side label

Number: 157781 
Uploaded By: TheJudge
Edited By: musictom
Description: B-side label

Number: 776657 
Uploaded By: Klepsie
Edited By: musictom
Description: B side label variant (Specialty Records Corp, PA; Clark/Strong credit)

Number: 292894 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: A Side Label - Alternative Fonts/Layout

Number: 292895 
Uploaded By: Mystdrf
Description: B Side Label - Alternative Fonts/Layout

Juke Jules
8th Apr 2013
 Yes, intriguingly Bonzo - didn't know this one
Wilhemina, Plump and Round, the Pride of the Zuider Zee ('nein, nein, nein' inderedaad!)
even a toy piano..

27th Mar 2013
 Added a B-side scan from Specialty Records Corp ("SP") with Clark/Strong/West's publisher credit. Also features something you don't often see, a cut-out hole where the drill hasn't gone all the way through! (Only possible because this is a nice thick vinyl pressing rather than flimsy styrene.)

This B side is, incidentally, a must-listen if you've only ever heard the A side. It's the closest you can find to a Bonzos record without actually being them.

8th Jul 2012
 The Plastic Products ('PL') pressing {Images #263376 & 263378} has the same songwriting credit (Cumberland Clark and Mark Strong) and music publishing credit for the B side as on British pressings.

Oakley Boys
8th Jul 2012
 For a Track label collector like myself these issues are very interesting.. especially as I haven't even got any of them :-(.
when I've got the money I'll hunt them down.

8th Jul 2012
 A 1991 Polygram (US) CD lists the composer of Wilhemina as Andy Newman.

11th Aug 2011

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