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Record Details

Artist:Aretha Franklin
Label:  Atlantic
Date:Feb 1971
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Community:13 Own
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AAretha FranklinYou're All I Need To Get ByN. Ashford, V. SimpsonJerry Wexler, Arif MardinArif MardinRate
BAretha FranklinPullin'Aretha FranklinJerry Wexler, Tom Dowd, Arif MardinRate


Number: 228704  (Main Image)
Uploaded By: VinnyG
Description: 45-2787 A

Number: 228705 
Uploaded By: VinnyG
Description: 45-2787 B

Number: 977152 
Uploaded By: Excello-2101
Description: The "A" side.

Number: 977153 
Uploaded By: Excello-2101
Description: The "B" side.

Number: 1135363 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: A side label - SP

Number: 1135364 
Uploaded By: spidey2
Description: B side label - SP

Number: 1364945 
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: a-side variant

Number: 1364946 
Uploaded By: TheDA1
Description: b-Side variant

JA Cumbo
13th Mar 2013
 I thought the color would have been closer to a brick red like you mentioned.

11th Mar 2013
 It's all in the scanning. It's best to have a Pantone swatch next to you, and in Photoshop or Corel Photo-Paint, correct the colors on a scan when editing it to conform to the RGB values. I do it all the time. The original color would've been more brick red.

JA Cumbo
11th Mar 2013
 The label looks pink?

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