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Artist:The Silhouettes
Label:  Ember
Date:Dec 1957
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AThe SilhouettesGet A JobSilhouettesRate
BThe SilhouettesI Am LonelySilhouettesRate


BB Jan 6, 1958


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7th May 2014

26th Jan 2014
 I'd say the Lana single contains the original recordings. I've not seen a Lana single that didn't.

13th Sep 2012
 Added clearer A-side & missing B-side variants, with respect to musictom.

19th May 2012
 mickey rat: The Junior matrix numbers are also stamped alongside the Ember ones in the runout groove.
Juke Jules: The Silhouettes were W. (Bill) Horton, Richard (Rick) Lewis, Earl Beal and Raymond Edwards, so KB's info was accurate.

Juke Jules
18th May 2012
 Thanks RM, amended. The original contributor KB gave the composers as E. Beal, R. Edwards, W. Horton, R. Lewis

18th May 2012
 Note: labels only credit the group as the writers, not the individuals.

ye olde drunk
11th May 2012
 According to Gonzalez, Junior 391 was released in 1957. Ember E-1029 was released in November 1957. The ABC Goldies 45 2485 reissue was released on 15th June 1973 and your guess is as good as anybody's when Lost Nite 254 and Collectables 1495 were released, although the latter was probably in the 1980s when Collectables changed from Lost Nite. There was a 1964 Lana 108 version of this single, but it isn't listed whether the tracks are reissues, alternate takes or re-recordings.

Juke Jules
11th May 2012
 Thanks CBS, I'm convinced ;-)

11th May 2012
 The ARSA website lists this record as Hit Bound on WWCA Gary, IN in late December '57. The January 6th 1958 edition of Billboard lists the record as among 'Recent pop releases coming up strong' while the 45cat Ember discography list's Ember E-1027 as being a November 1957 release so all in all 'Get A Job' looks like a December '57 release.

Juke Jules
11th May 2012
The YT uploader says "Recorded in 1957, and released in 1958"

Juke Jules
11th May 2012
 Ember matrix no's confirmed. I see that someone has written "5/3 58 Baton Rouge" on this copy - just to keep us guessing?

mickey rat
26th Apr 2012
 Catalog number should be E-1029. Ember files say recorded at Beltone, mastered(?) at Longwear, but it came out first on Kae Williams' Junior label in Philadelphia first so I dunno. Matrix numbers on the Junior release were K-593 and K-594. The Ember matrices were E-2172 and E-2173.

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