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Artist:Doris Willingham
Label:  Jay Boy
Date:Nov 1968
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ADoris WillinghamYou Can't Do ThatRichard Tee, Doris WillinghamRichard TeeRate
BDoris WillinghamLost AgainRichard Tee, Doris WillinghamRichard TeeRate


a) CL 7711
b) CL 7712


12th Mar 2012
 BJ only one us Jay-Boy release. More details about Jay-Boy records with scans here Soul Source.

We have to get more soul people on here before they all die of talc scarred lungs.

12th Mar 2012
 Not to be confused, of course, with the late tobacco heiress of the same name (Doris Duke, that is . . . ) ;)

mickey rat
12th Mar 2012
 Artist later known as Doris Duke - made some superb deep soul tracks with Swamp Dogg...

12th Mar 2012
 (sound of screetching car-brakes!)...there was a US Jay-Boy label!!!!..how many releases?.John

12th Mar 2012
 Added label variant from Columbia Records' Pitman, NJ pressing plant (one of the first to feature 8 point Trade Gothic Bold, thus this pressing was from November or December 1968). The other variant was from Terre Haute, IN.

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